2018 Reebok CrossFit Games Masters and Teen Division Winners

Every year, it seems like the CrossFit Games are longly anticipated, and then after a blink of an eye they’re gone until next. Yesterday concluded the final day of the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games, and if you tuned in, then you more than likely already know who won the Individual Men and Women’s Open divisions.

With so much happening in a short time frame, it’s easy to miss something, especially the results for all of the divisions outside of the Individual Open category. To catch you up to speed, we’ve included links to relevant articles you may have missed below, along with the top three athletes from every Masters and Teen division.

Check out the Masters and Teen athlete’s divisions below!

Master’s Men & Women 35-39

Master’s Men 35-39

Master’s Women 35-39

1. Kyle Kasperbauer1. Anna Tobias
2. Alexander Jolivet2. Samantha Briggs
3. Erast Palkin3. Helena Falk

Master’s Men & Women 40-44

Master’s Men 40-44

Master’s Women 40-44

1. Neal Maddox1. Stephanie Roy
2. Shawn Ramirez2. Kelly Friel
3. David Levey3. Joey Kimdon


Master’s Men & Women 45-49

Master’s Men 45-49

Master’s Women 45-49

1. Robert Davis1. Amanda Allen
2. Matthew Swift2. Tonia Osborne
3. Nathan Loren3. Jolaine Undershute

Master’s Men & Women 50-54

Master’s Men 50-54

Master’s Women 50-54

1. Cliff Musgrave1. Eva Thornton
2. Mike Egan2. Laurie Meschishnick
3. Ron Ortiz3. Linda Elstun

Master’s Men & Women 55-59

Master’s Men 55-59

Master’s Women 55-59

1. Brig Edwards1. Mary Beth Prodromides
2. Shannon Aiken2. Bianca Williams
3. Will Powell3. Colleen Fahey

Master’s Men & Women 60+

Master’s Men 60+

Master’s Women 60+

1. David Hippensteel1. Shaun Havard
2. Armando Garcia-Besne2. Patty Failla
3. Cal Cherrington3. Dolores Jones

Teen Boys & Girls 16-17

Teen Boys 16-17

Teen Girls 16-17

1. Dallin Pepper1. Haley Adams
2. Vincent Ramirez2. Kaela Stephano
3. Dylan Kade3. Chloe Smith

Teen Boys & Girls 14-15

Teen Boys 14-15

Teen Girls 14-15

1. Tudor Magda1. Olivia Sulek
2. Christian Gallagher2. Lea Malo
3. Nolan Pedrick3. Paige Powers


Feature image from @kylekasperbauer (photo by @crossfitgames) and @atunnicliffetobias Instagram pages.

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Jake Boly

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