2022 CrossFit Quarterfinals — Check Out Adaptive Athlete Casey Acree Perform the Individual Men’s Workouts

Acree unofficially competed in the Men's Quarterfinals and ranked

CrossFitter Casey Acree is the reigning CrossFit Games champion in the Men’s Upper Extremity Adaptive division — he was born without his left arm below the elbow. According to CrossFit‘s leaderboard, Acree finished 6,603rd worldwide in the Men’s Rx’d division during the 2022 CrossFit Open — 144,036 men are ranked worldwide on the CrossFit Open leaderboard. He landed within the top 10 percent of athletes who qualified for the virtual Quarterfinals on their respective continents. However, Acree was not officially invited to compete in the Men’s Individual division for the Quarterfinals in North America. He explained why in a caption to a March 29, 2022 post on his Instagram page:

I was told that “Since I would have to modify the workouts, I wouldn’t be able to input valid scores, so they wanted to give the spot to someone who could.”

The modifications Acree referred to conflicted with the movement standards of the workouts — more specifically, in Workout Two, he had to substitute ring muscle-ups for bar muscle-ups. Despite not appearing on the Quarterfinals leaderboard in the Men’s Individual division, Acree performed all five Quarterfinals workouts with the necessary modifications and scored the following results:

2022 Quarterfinals Workouts Results — Casey Acree | North America

  • Workout One — 12:34 | 1,266th (tied with four other athletes)
  • Workout Two — 60 reps | 3,351st (tied with 20 other athletes) | notably substituted ring muscle-ups for bar muscle-ups
  • Workout Three — 18:44 | 1,996th (tied with six other athletes)
  • Workout Four — 851 pounds | 1,459th (tied with seven other athletes)
  • Workout Five — 5:27 | 1,663rd (tied with nine other athletes)

At the time of Acree’s Instagram post, he stated in his caption that he was ranked 1,725th in North America in the Men’s Individual division. At the time of this article’s publication, he would rank 1,974th in North America. The Quarterfinals leaderboard for Individuals will be finalized on April 1, 2022. Check out Acree performing the Quarterfinals workouts in the videos from his Instagram page below:


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Casey Acree’s CrossFit Career

Acree won the Men’s Upper Extremity division’s CrossFit Games debut in 2021, beating out the other five athletes who qualified. He finished first in every event but one at those Games:

2021 CrossFit Games Results — Men’s Upper Extremity

  1. Casey Acree (USA) — 655 points
  2. Josue Maldonado (USA) — 490 points
  3. Logan Aldridge (USA) — 305 points
  4. Victor Castro (Ecuador) — 285 points
  5. Xabier Osa Mendes (Spain) — 225 points

Acree won the 2022 CrossFit Open in the Men’s Upper Extremity division, repeating his result from 2021. He made his Open debut in 2016 and won the 2022 Wodapalooza in the Adaptive Stand Upper Rx Men’s division.

Featured image: @coachcaseyacree on Instagram