7 Ridicously Heavy Weighted Walks, Carries, and Pulls

If you go to school, live in a city, or frequent the gym, you’re no stranger to walking around with a bag. In fact, a lot of us are walking with extra weight all the time. And whether you’re trying to carry extra weight or not, there’s no denying that adding resistance to your movements will make you stronger. You have the standard carries like farmers walks for grip strength, yoke carries for core stability and full body strength, and truck pulls for leg strength, but then there are occasions when you see athletes get creative. Weighted walks, carries, and pulls are great additions to well-designed strength programs when trying to create dyanmic, stronger movements.

At BarBend, we love impressive acts of strength; so much so, we created a roundup of some head turning impressive weighted carries, pulls, and walks. And by no means is this list an end all be all, but we think these videos are worth a watch or two. To lead us off we have an athlete who makes our list a few times, Bud Jeffries. The video features him walking across a balance beam with 500 lbs on his back, now that’s some serious balance.

1. The 500 lb Balance Beam Walk

Bud makes it look easy.

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2. 260 Kilo Front Squat Walk

On the topic of balance and strength, here’s a 260 kilo walk and paused front squat from weightlifter Mart Seim. Not only does the weighted walk seem grueling, but the paused front squat is icing on the cake.

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3. Jeffries Walks With 500 lbs of Unconventional Groceries

Bud Jeffries carries a 200 lb stone, walks with a 150 lb weight belt, and pulls a 150 lb tire. As if a tire isn’t enough, Bud adds a stone and weight belt for a 500 lb dynamic walk.

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4. Hafthor Björnsson Pulling a Truck And People With Ease

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson regularly competes in strongman competitions and finished as a runner up at this past year’s event to Brian Shaw. In this video, Björnsson pulls a truck with what appears to be at least 10 people on top.

5. The 60 Kilo Duck Walk

This next video may not include the heaviest weight in this round up, but it definitely has a movement that’s comparable. Mohamed Ehab Youssef performs a 60 kilo duck walk, not only forwards, but backwards as well. For most holding weight in this position is hard enough, but Mohamed makes it look easy with 60 kilos overhead.

6. The Strongest Walrus Crawl We’ve Ever Seen

The final weighted pull we have isn’t so much a pull or a walk, but a crawl. Bud Jeffries making the list for a final time pulling a truck in a walrus crawl. While this is may seem completely unnecessary, we have to admit…it’s pretty cool. We think Jeffries is definitely in the running for some of the most creative weighted pull methods.

A video posted by Bud Jeffries (@budjeffries) on

7. No More Space On The Hex Bar

550 lbs never looked so light with Stan Efferding and WWE star Mason Ryan‘s weighted walks. How can you make the hex bar deadlift tougher? Oh, add 550 lbs and walk a parking lot.

Feature image: @budjeffries on Instagram