Adam Klink Ran a Sub 5 Minute Mile and Back Squatted 500lb In the Same Day

The CrossFit Games team competitor also did 50 kipping pull-ups unbroken.

Adam Klink had a pretty eventful outing yesterday. As a member of team CrossFit Krypton, who finished 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games with a runner-up finish to Rich Froning’s team Mayhem Freedom, there is little doubt that Klink is an elite level fitness athlete.

He took his game to a whole new level when he decided to show off both his cardio and his strength with some pretty impressive stats. Klink ran a 4:56 mile and back squatted 226.8kg/500lb in the same day.

Why would Klink push himself to perform such feats of athleticism on the same day you ask? According to his YouTube channel, it was a goal he had his sites set on for some time:

I finally achieved my goal of running a sub 5:00 mile and hitting a 500lb back squat in the same day. I also threw in 50 unbroken kipping pull ups for Dave Castro.”

Check out the full video below:

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4:56 Mile

The video, interweaved with interviews with Klink’s toddler, begins with Klink having just completed a run to ensure that he could actually complete a 5-minute mile.

Fast forward and transport to his former high school’s track where he ran a 4:56 mile with a camera on him the entire time beginning at minute 3:16 in the video. He completed the run at minute 8:12 and collapsed to the ground heaving as his supporters congratulated him. One even noted that this was a PR for Klink.

As he managed to get to his feet, he took off his running shoes and handed them to his timekeeper.

“I don’t want those anymore.”

As Klink made the rounds thanking his team for coming out on multiple occasions to help him train, saying “I guess it was all worth it”, Ben Smith, who was handling the camera, responded:

“It’s only worth it if you hit 500lb.”

500lb Back Squat

After a series of warmup reps, Klink went on to attempt his 226.8kg/500lb back squat. It was performed at 14:19 in the YouTube video.

You can also watch him successfully hit the lift in the video below courtesy of his Instagram page (it is the last video in the post):


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“C’mon, one rep. Down, up.”

In what was a solid grinder for Klink, “down, up” was all the motivation he needed. The rep was clean and performed without spotters. According to his CrossFit Games athlete profile, Klink weighs 215lb. That means this back squat was 2.3 times his bodyweight.

Towards the end of the video, Klink shares that he read in acting CrossFit CEO Dave Castro‘s book that he wanted someone to run a sub 5 minute mile, hit a 500lb back squat, and perform 50 pull-ups unbroken. Klink sought out clarity from Castro about whether or not he meant kipping pull-ups. Castro gave the blessing that kipping pull-ups were acceptable and Klink decided that was the way to finish his day of elite fitness.

Feature image from Adam Klink’s Instagram page: @adamklink