Competing With One Arm, Powerlifter Jay Bonilla Makes Phenomenal 920 lb Total

Jay Bonilla gets his 2020 off to a strong start!

If you’re running a little low on motivation this Monday, then you need to check out adaptive powerlifter Jay Bonilla’s latest performance from this past weekend. 

Bonilla, who competed at the 5th annual USPA hosted Raleigh Ruckus in North Carolina, put up a strong 920 lb total to kick off his 2020 competitive season. At the meet, Bonilla went 7/9 on his lifts and this was after sustaining a small injury in prep at about two weeks out from taking the platform. 

On the squat, Bonilla completed a successful 200kg/400 lb opener, then hit a smooth 215kg/474 lb second attempt before finishing the day with a 220kg/485 lb third attempt (featured below). 

For his bench press attempts, Bonilla went 2/3 and finished with a 60kg second attempt. 

Then on the deadlift, Bonilla went 2/3 and finished the day with a successful 137.5kg second attempt. He notes in his Instagram post’s description that he passed on his third due to feeling a tweak in his biceps tendon that he injured just two weeks prior to this meet. 

After only giving himself 9-weeks to prepare for this meet, Bonilla put up a strong performance and is heading into 2020 in a big way.

For background on Bonilla, in September 2013, Bonilla was in a tragic motorcycle accident and found himself in a coma for multiple weeks before awakening and finding out that had lost the use of his left arm. While in the coma, doctors had informed his parents that he had about a 5% chance to live.

In an Instagram post from July 20th, 2014 he wrote, 

09/02/13 was the day a split second changed my life, from a tragic motorcycle accident, came several weeks in a coma with a 5% chance of living, I was blessed with a second opportunity, was just left with the brachial plexus injury, so whats there to complain about…

After years of consistent hard work and effort, he continues to push his potential and capabilities to new levels. We don’t know about you, but we’re fired up after watching Bonilla’s videos from this past weekend. 

Feature image from @paralyzed_monster Instagram page.