Adidas AdiPower 2 Release Date (First OFFICIAL Looks, Plus Women’s Model!)

Adidas fans get ready, the AdiPower 2 is releasing in the next couple months!

Adidas fans, buckle up because we have the official details about the Adidas AdiPower 2 release! We’ve also received word that a women’s Adidas AdiPower will be debuting soon (and more on that below).

If you’re on the market for weightlifting shoes, then you’ve probably noticed that the Adidas AdiPowers are no longer available through major retail outlets, and that’s due to the Adidas AdiPower 2’s release coming up. For the last few months, there have been Adidas AdiPower 2 leaks and speculations about their release date, but nothing was confirmed until today.

This morning, Adidas sent us information about the Adidas AdiPower 2, along with some HD pictures — and boy — do these shoes look clean. As of right now, Adidas has stated that the retail intro date for the Adidas AdiPower 2 is slated for June 1st. 

Adidas Adipower 2
Adidas Adipower 2

There has been no official word on an initial retail price for the Adidas AdiPower 2, however, previous models of the AdiPower have retailed around $199.00 USD.

Details About the AdiPower 2

Below, we’ve included some of the details and construction aspects that have been provided to us about the Adidas AdiPower 2 and shared across other retail outlets.

Adidas Adipower 2 Release Date
Adidas AdiPower 2 Release Date
  • Heel Height 24mm
  • TPU Heel & Heel Cage
  • PU Coated Leather Upper Construction
  • Hook-and-Loop In-step Strap
  • VentFlow Outsole Openings

Once we receive our pair and perform a review on them, we can confirm the shoe’s effective heel height, weight, outer construction, and performance.

Adidas Women’s AdiPower

In addition to the Adidas AdiPower 2’s release, Adidas has also announced that a women’s Adidas AdiPower will be making it to the market soon. They point out that more women than ever are partaking in weightlifting and CrossFit and they wanted to design a weightlifting specifically for women athletes.

The women’s Adidas AdiPower will have a silhouette and a custom last that is designed to compliment women’s feet for a better fitting weightlifting shoe. 

From what was provided in this article, what do you think of the Adidas AdiPower 2? Is it a hit or miss? Share in the comments below!

Feature image provided by and courtesy of Adidas.

Jake Boly

Jake Boly

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  1. When they list the heel height as 24mm, is that the effective heel height? Or is that just the overall heel height of the constructed shoe?

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