Amit Sapir Squats Over 4.3x Bodyweight for a New World Record

Amit Sapir has just squatted 785 pounds (356 kilograms) raw with wraps at 181 pounds (82 kilograms) bodyweight for a new world record in the lift. That’s 4.3 times his own bodyweight. You can watch it take place below.

While he usually lifts in the UPA, this was at a Southern Powerlifting Federation (SPF) meet, the Kentucky Powerlifting and Bench Press Championship.

The 181-pound squat world record is becoming one of the most hotly contested — in just one month, it’s changed hands three times. Sapir himself set a record in July with 762.5 pounds (346 kilograms) during a UPA meet in Dubuque, Iowa.

This wasn’t just a big deal because of the weight he moved, but because this made him the first man in history to hold a squat world record in four separate weight classes.

[You can watch all four of Amit’s world records in this article!]

 But this record was short-lived. In mid-August, Dallas Norris hit a huge 355-kilogram (782.6-pound) squat at the 365 Strong World Powerlifting Federation’s East Regionals.

This squat became quite the controversy. Despite receiving three white lights from the judges, accusations flew around the powerlifting community that the squat was too shallow.

While he maintains that his depth was fine and “on a good day (he’d) probably triple it,” Norris ultimately asked 365SPF and Powerlifting Watch to nullify the squat, saying, “I’d rather not be known for the guy that had the most controversial squat.”

Sapir came back and insisted that Norris keep the record, saying,

NO you CAN’T judge a squat from a video. Camera angles can change everything and will never give you a real picture of how deep or not the squat was – this has been proven over and over. This is why you have side judges (…)

After a meet is done its done, and loser troll internet judges should not have the power to change any decision made. (…)

PLEASE keep the record Dallas – just don’t get attached to it becuse I’m coming to take it back.

And he did — Sapir swooped in to take the record back just two weeks later. It’s now sitting at 356 kilograms (785 pounds), a huge ten kilograms heavier than it was a month ago.

When posting this weekend’s record, Sapir said,

Pretty happy with it after losing the record last week to my friend @norrisstrong. He is an amazing athlete and great person and I’m sure he will take it back soon… hopefully we can battle for it in the same meet to put this number much higher.

Norris commented a congratulations on Sapir’s Instagram post, to which he replied, “You gave me back the faith in true sportsmanship between athletes.”

This is one “rivalry” that’s rooted in mutual respect and carries the true spirit of the sport. Hopefully, one day we really will see them compete in the same meet.

Featured image via @ifbbproamitsapir on Instagram.