Powerlifter Andrew Hause Sets New All-Time Junior World Record With 1,105.9-Kilogram Total

Hause dominated the previous Junior world record total by 65.7 kilograms (145 pounds).

In May 2021, 23-year-old Andrew Hause squatted an absurd 456.3 kilograms (1,006 pounds) raw with wraps. He told BarBend then that when he appears at the Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate (RPS) Showcase Classic in Port Charlotte, FL, on June 26-27 that he would aim for a total world record.

He ultimately fell short of his goal but still managed to annihilate the previous Junior all-time world record total held by Larry Williams (aka Larry Wheels) by a whopping 65.7 kilograms (145 pounds). Notably, he did so at a bodyweight of 132 kilograms (291 pounds) — a full 17 pounds under what the division allows. Here were his stats from the event where he went eight for nine, missing only his first squat attempt due to a sprained wrist:

  • Squat456.3 kilograms (1,006 pounds) — new Junior world record
  • Bench Press — 252.2 kilograms (556 pounds)
  • Deadlift397.3 kilograms (876 pounds)
  • Total — 1,105.9 kilograms (2,438 pounds) — new Junior world record

Hause’s total is also two pounds more than the all-time Junior world record total in the super heavyweight division — 1,105 kilograms (2,436.1 pounds) held by Dylan Hellriegel. Check out the three biggest lifts from Hause’s performance below, courtesy of his Instagram page:


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Andrew Hause World Record Performance

Following his first missed squat attempt of 424.1 kilograms (935 pounds), Hause considered withdrawing from the event as the barbell rolled off his back due to his wrist sprain. However, as he mentioned in the caption of his post, he decided to continue after his team gave him the confidence boost to “not to give in or lose hope.” He ran perfectly for the rest of the event, hitting all eight remaining attempts.

Considerations to try and crack Eric Lilliebridge‘s all-time world record total in the raw plus wraps category never left Hause’s mind. Although he decided to “play it safe” with his 456.3-kilogram (1,006-pound) squat, he did consider a 469.5-kilogram (1,035-pound) squat. That, in combination with his planned deadlifts, would have surpassed Lilliebridge’s total record of 1,115 kilograms (2,458.2 pounds).

Lilliebridge himself did not have any reservations recognizing that Hause is likely to break his record. He said as much in his comment on Hause’s post:

“Incredible lifting, man! So happy to see you hit this monster total. You absolutely had the strength to surpass my world record yesterday. You are the future of Raw Powerlifting. You’ll be untouchable when you fill out at 308. I can’t wait to get a squat session in with you next time I’m back in the states. Take care, man, and rest up!”

Hause plans to fill out those 17 pounds with the help of BarBend contributor Ben Pollack. Per his comment on Hause’s post, Pollack believes Hause will eventually be the first person in the 140-kilogram class to score the milestone 1,134-kilogram (2,500-pound) total.


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The Proposal

Although Hause did not walk away with the world record he sought this time around; he walked away from the event with something much better. Following the medal ceremony, Hause got down on one knee and attempted his biggest lift of the day — a ring from his right pocket to the eyes of his now fiancé.

Hause will undoubtedly attempt the world record total during his next trip to the competitive platform. With 17 pounds still to be added onto his frame, it seems the 140-kilogram world record total’s days are numbered.

Feature image: @daspowerhause on Instagram