Arnold Schwarzenegger Challenges Reddit User to 500 Push-Up Challenge

Public Service Announcement: Did you know Arnold Schwarzenegger is using the r/bodybuilding page on Reddit much more regularly? Oh yes, if you’re a Schwarzenegger fan, then you’ll likely be happy to hear that Arnold has been using the bodybuilding Reddit pretty regularly as of recently.

For bodybuilding and strength fans this is awesome news, because let’s be honest, communicating on social media is nearly impossible and often lost in translation with the influx of traffic on someone like Schwarzenegger’s page. So now fans and Schwarzenegger can interact a little bit easier with one another, as it’s only the community who’s using and posting in this sub-reddit.

Over the weekend, we got our first glimpse into some bodybuilding fan/athlete and Schwarzenegger interaction, and it’s pure awesomeness. It all started on Friday when Schwarzenegger shared a post highlighting a lifting video saying, “I break the rules because that’s what people do on Reddit when we post, people break the rules.” 

This original post led a very long string of comments that shared the excitement of Schwarzenegger using Reddit more actively. Among the many comments came one from u/RafaelTeoreticalPhy that caught Schwarzenegger’s eye. He wrote,

Arnold Schwarzenegger 500 Push-Up Challenge
Arnold Schwarzenegger 500 Push-Up Challenge

Now, fast forward to multiple comment strings and a day later, and Schwarzenegger made another post calling out u/RafaelTeoreticalPhy asking where the video was.

In response to Schwarzenegger and Reddit users dismay, u/RafaelTeoreticalPhy eventually came through a few hours later and shared the long awaited video of the 500 push-up bout. He completed the feat and did so over the course of his day, in fact, the gym closed by the time he got through the whole 500 push-up set. Check out the video below.

We don’t know about you, but we’re in high hopes that Schwarzenegger will continue to be super active on r/bodybuilding. It’s not everyday you get to interact with a strength legend, and hats off to Reddit u/RafaelTeoreticalPhy for rising to the challenge!

Feature image from Rafael Testosterona YouTube channel and u/GovSchwarzenegger Reddit video post.