Watch 76 Year Old Audrey Donellan Smoke a 290 lb Deadlift

We’ve written about older athletes before on more than a few occasions, and these articles always tend to do well, like this incredible powerlifting grandma. They’re motivating, inspiring, and play a nice reminder that age is just a number and it’s never too late to start a strength sport. In fact, that’s possibly one of the best assets strength sports have to offer: you can pick them up at any time to improve the quality of your life and health.

Audrey Donnellan hasn’t been a powerlifter her whole life. In fact, she only started six years ago at the age of 70. Now 76, Donellan recently pulled her best deadlift to date with a recent feat of 290 lbs at the RPS NJ State – North American Championships. In addition, she pulled it beltless!

Check out the video below shared on Alexander Omand’s Instagram page.

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For a hot second, it looks as though Donellan may get stuck a few inches off the floor, but then she knocks the pull out of the park with awesome speed. After the lockout, she celebrates with excitement, and you can’t help but smile for her accomplishment.

On meet day, Donellan weighed in at 139 lbs, and ended up totaling 565 lbs, which was comprised of a 190 lb squat, 85 lb bench, and of course the 290 lb deadlift.

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If this video of Donellan wasn’t enough, then you can search her in YouTube to find a ton of epic meet videos. Check out the video below from 2013 of a 71 year old Donellan deadlifting 275 lbs that has amassed over 46,000 views.

As we head into our next training sessions, let’s acknowledge athletes like Donellan who are continuing to prove that age is just a number. It’s never too late to start.

Feature image screenshot from @alexanderomand Instagram page.