BarBend Acquires Breaking Muscle: Here’s What Comes Next

Breaking Muscle was one of the strength community's first online hubs.

For strength athletes and fans around the world, the internet has been a major catalyst of growth. There are more competitions, more lifters (of all levels), and more fans of strength than ever before. Social media has certainly played a role in strength training’s proliferation. But let’s not forget the impact of a few groundbreaking fitness websites which have — for a decade or more — published quality content to educate and inform curious readers. Breaking Muscle is certainly among those established and respected brands.

Today, it’s my pleasure to announce that BarBend has acquired Breaking Muscle from founder Mindith Rahmat. What Mindith and her team built is no doubt special. Before strength sports were getting coverage on major television networks, and before resources were so easily accessible for aspiring lifters, Breaking Muscle was a central hub for information about all disciplines and at all levels. As the new owners and operators of Breaking Muscle, BarBend is committed to honoring that legacy.

BarBend and Breaking Muscle Logos

To Breaking Muscle’s millions of fans and readers around the globe, I’ll say this: Don’t expect much to change in the immediate future, and Breaking Muscle isn’t going anywhere! Thoughtful change takes time, and we’re committed to gradually rolling out a new reader experience for Breaking Muscle over the coming months. Longer-term, we’re planning to continue the mission Mindith started 10 years ago: Publishing quality content to inform, educate, and inspire people along their journeys in strength.

Yours in strength,

David Tao
Co-Founder and CEO, BarBend

Below, I’d like to share a statement from Breaking Muscle founder Mindith Rahmat.

I would like to thank David Tao and Kenny Kline of BarBend for respecting the legacy of Breaking Muscle and wanting to carry on the work we started with the strength community. I am excited to see what they do with Breaking Muscle and I am especially looking forward to seeing a new generation of talent in the fitness industry being provided with opportunities on the platform through their commitment to Breaking Muscle.

Mindith Rahmat, Founder, Breaking Muscle