Blaine Sumner Breaks Multiple World Records at the IPF World Open Championships

Blaine Sumner crushed the IPF bench press and total world records at the IPF World Open Championship!

Powerlifting history was changed this past weekend at the International Powerlifting Federation World Open Championships in Dubai. Blaine “The Vanilla Gorilla” Sumner paced the field to the gold medal and forever altered the record books on his way.

The third time was a charm for Sumner of The United States, who broke the IPF equipped world record bench press when he successfully pushed 425.5kg (938lbs) on his third attempt in the super heavyweight class (120+kg). Pressing an immensely large amount of weight is nothing new for the Vanilla Gorilla. In December of 2018, Sumner’s 415kg (915lbs) bench press claimed the world record. Then again in March of this year, Sumner achieved the bench-only all time world record with an astounding 455kg (1,003lbs).

Alongside Sumner’s world record bench press was his 495kg (1,091lbs) squat and his 355kg (783lbs) deadlift for an IPF world record overall total of 1,275.5kg (2812lbs).

Check out the video Sumner shared on his Instagram page that shows all three lifts that culminated to the world record:

Sumner initially shared the news of his record breaking performance in a post of IPF’s video footage of Sumner that shows the full depth of his squat with a replay.

Not only is Sumner’s record performance an incredible accomplishment, but he did it after recovering from a major injury to his left arm that he suffered from squat mishap last year!

Coming back from a gruesome, and what could have been a potentially career ending injury to the best in the world in just over a year’s time is remarkable.

In his Instagram post, Sumner thanked his family, coaching team, sponsors, and fans for their support. Sumner specifically praised his brother, as the American flag that Sumner wrapped around his shoulders as he stood on the podium had special significance, as Sumner wrote:

I don’t even know where to begin to give thanks…My brother for being my hero and bringing back the American flag from Afghanistan during one of his Special Forces tours that I proudly bring up to to the podium.  

There is no question that Sumner is one of the strongest men on the world today. At only 32 years old, it is seemingly only a matter of time before another world record is etched in the record books under his name. We may not know when, but we will definitely be watching in awe.


How much does Blaine Sumner weigh?

  • As of the 2019 IPF World Open Championship, Sumner weighed 175.7kg (387lbs)

What is Blaine Sumner's diet?

  • BarBend explored Blaine Sumner’s chicken shake diet in October 2019.
  • The shakes consist of chicken, rice, olive oil, spinach, egg whites, and water.
  • Sumner drinks eight of these shakes a day.
  • Each shake is 1,000 calories.

Featured image from Blaine Sumner’s Instagram page. @thevanillagorilla92