Check Out Blanca Viloch’s Crazy 6-Month 200kg (440 lb) Deadlift Progress

In terms of #TransformationTuesday posts on social media, we feel that lifting focused posts are some of the most interesting transformations to watch. This provides motivation to not only the athlete posting the video, but to other athletes in similar scenarios.

At times, lifting progress can seem slow, but we guarantee if you put a side-by-side video of your lifts from a year ago and compare it to what you’re doing in the present, then you’ll be pleasantly happy by what you see. That’s why we love powerlifter Blanca Viloch’s latest #TransformationTuesday post.

The biggest reason we love her post is that the video doesn’t highlight a crazy jump in numbers, but an improvement in technical proficiency. At maximal weights, sometimes technical proficiency can be terribly frustrating to dial in, although, Vilochs reminds us with consistency and patience it’s always possible.

Check out her video below that highlights a 200kg (440 lb) deadlift before Viloch’s last meet in November, and one from the present.

In Viloch’s video’s description she writes, “A lil’ #TransformationTuesday action for ya. LEFT: final heavy pull before my last meet in Nov. RIGHT: Last week, final heavy pull. (Same weight on the bar, 440lbs.) It was beyond frustrating knowing my pull was inefficient, knowing the issues, but unable to fix it.

After my meet in November, I started working with my current coach, Andrew. He instantly diagnosed the issues and made the necessary technical corrections to improve my pull.  After months of drilling & practicing the adjustments with him in person, here we are! Couldn’t be happier with how my deadlift is feeling & looking. It’s lookin purty!! Can’t wait to truly test it on the platform in 11 days!!”

In addition to her deadlift video, Viloch shared a similar transformation post in late April highlighting the difference in her 202kg (445 lb) squat.

In less than two weeks, Viloch will be competing at the Kern US Open in San Diego, California. She’s set to compete in the 60kg (132 lb) weight class against some of powerlifting’s top athletes like Susan Salazar and Marianna Gasparayan.

Currently, Viloch is ranked second in the best all-time rankings for her 490kg (1,080 lb) total in the 56kg weight class. It’s going to be fun watching what she’s able to do at Kern US Open and how much she’s improved since her last meet.

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Feature image from @blanca_viloch Instagram page. 


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