Hidetada Yamagishi Says He’s Retired From Competitive Bodybuilding

The Japanese Men's Open and 212 competitor has won five pro shows and made 10 Olympia appearances during his 16-year career.

Men’s Open and 212 bodybuilder Hidetada Yamagishi says he’s retired from competitive bodybuilding, capping a professional career that dates back to 2005. Yamagishi made the news official during an interview on The Menace Podcast (a property of Muscle & Fitness) with host Dennis James, which aired on Feb. 24, 2022.

At the 6:25 mark in the video below, James asks Yamagishi and 10-time Ms. Olympia winner Iris Kyle if they’re officially retired. .

“I’m officially retired,” Yamagishi says in the video. “I’ve done everything I wanted. I did the 2020 Olympia, and during the prep, I knew it would be my last show. I was happy I did it, but I knew I didn’t belong there physique-wise.”

Before this announcement, Yamagishi’s last appearance on stage was the 2020 Mr. Olympia competition in the 212 division. 

Hidetada Yamagishi’s Bodybuilding Career

The 48-year-old’s bodybuilding career spans 16 years across two divisions. He is one of the most notable and successful Japanese competitors in IFBB Pro League history.

He made his pro debut in 2005 at the Ironman Pro, where he placed 17th. At that time, the Open division was the only division in the IFBB Pro League. Nonetheless, the 5’6″ bodybuilder remained competitive and even qualified for his first Mr. Olympia in 2007, where he placed 13th. Jay Cutler won that contest.

Yamagishi’s first win came at the 2010 Europa Show of Champions. He placed 10th at the 2010 Olympia (which Cutler also won). In 2013, Yamagishi was one of the bodybuilders featured in the film Generation Iron which chronicled the buildup to the 2012 Mr. Olympia contest, which Yamagishi qualified for. He finished that contest in 15th place.


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His second professional win occurred in the 212 division after moving to the lighter men’s bodybuilding division in 2014. He won the Tampa Pro and placed fourth at that year’s Olympia 212 contest, won by James “Flex” Lewis. He moved up to third at the 2015 Olympia 212 contest, which Lewis also won.

The most significant victory of his career came at the 2016 Arnold Classic 212 contest. Thanks to that victory, Yamagishi was immediately considered Lewis’ number one contender for the Olympia. However, he ultimately placed sixth. Lewis defended his title successfully.

Yamagishi went on to win two shows in 2019. One of them was the Europa Dallas Pro 212 show. His final victory came at the 2019 Monsterzym Pro 212 contest. His last contest was the 2020 Olympia in Orlando, FL, where he placed 14th. The winner of that contest was Shaun Clarida.

Between the Open and 212 divisions, Yamagishi retired with five victories and 10 Olympia appearances. He currently lives in Las Vegas, NV, where he runs his Powerhouse Gym with co-owner and ten-time Ms. Olympia Iris Kyle.

Featured Image: @hideyamagishi on Instagram