Bodybuilder Kai Greene Shows Off His Impressive Mobility

He has a history of creating his own muscular presentations onstage and online.

Three-time Arnold Classic winner and three-time Mr. Olympia runner-up Kai Greene may not have competed onstage in the last three years, but he still practices posing and recently shared a unique sample of that on Instagram.

On October 2nd, Greene shared a video post of himself going into a handstand on a bench and posing his lower body as a part of a photo shoot in a gym. He refers to the post as “#YOGA”. Considering that bodybuilders are normally perceived as being stiff and not being able to move like this, the post has been received with a lot of reactions that are mostly positive. As of this writing, it had already achieved 400,000 plus views and over 93,000 likes. 

The “Stranger Things” actor has a history of showing off his athletic ability and creativity throughout the course of his bodybuilding career. One of the first routines that garnered him a lot of praise throughout the sport was when he competed at the 2007 Keystone Classic. He posed to Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana,” which is what the routine came to be known as. 

Greene first got mainstream attention after many saw him in the 2013 film “Generation Iron,” which showed his pursuit to dethrone then Mr. Olympia Phil Heath. He placed second in that contest. He last competed in 2016 when he won the Arnold Classic, Arnold Australia, and Arnold South America contests. 

His last appearance at the Olympia was his final second place result in 2014. There has been buzz and speculation about him competing in Las Vegas every year, including in 2019, but he had yet to do so. He hasn’t formally retired from competing and as long as he continues to make posts on social media like the above clip, fans will still be anticipating his potential return to competition.

Featured Image: Instagram/kaigreene