5 Huge Performances From Boss of Bosses 6 Powerlifting Meet

Multiple all-time world records have fallen!

Over the weekend, the Boss of Bosses 6 powerlifting meet went down in Mountain View, California. Every year, this famed powerlifting meet brings out some of the world’s best athletes and this year, like every year in the past, did not disappoint.

In case you were away for the extended weekend, we wanted to take a moment to highlight five of the biggest performances from the Boss of Bosses 6 powerlifting meet. It’s also worth recognizing that these are only six of the biggest performances and the meet itself had over 100 athletes take the platform!

6 Huge Boss of Bosses Performances

1. Yury Belkin Totals 2,305 lbs

Very rarely does Belkin compete without breaking a record…or two. On Friday, Belkin put on an incredibly strong rounded performance in the 220 lb weight class and broke two all-time world records for the squat (wraps) and total.

  • Squat: 416kg/917 lbs – ATWR (Wraps)
  • Bench Press: 235kg/518 lbs
  • Deadlift 415kg/914 lbs
  • Total: 1,066kg/2,305 lbs – ATWR
  • Wilks Score: 648.76

2. Chakera Ingram Squats 650 lbs

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BOB6 meet recap: First, all glory to God; I truly don’t know where I would be without his grace and mercy!! Thank you to my amazing team!! My team is the best in the world. I’m so blessed to have you all in my life and in my corner, thank you! 2019 has been the year for self growth and self love! I throughly enjoyed my last meet of the year!! I told my coach to let me see what I can do, at this last meet. When it comes to my career, I have never truly unleashed myself in any given meet. It’s been truly amazing training with @ponamarev_sergey and @power_mayan for the past three months. We started off as friends, and now, we are family. Sergey has taught me how truly search within and to lift with happiness and confidence, which was harder said than done. Sergey is more than just a strength and conditioning coach; Sergey is truly one of a kind, and you’re going to have to hire him to understand his training regime, methodology, psychology, and nutritional guidelines. At the beginning of the year, my goal was to squat 661, bench 384, and deadlift 661lbs, which would give me a 1706 total. My ultimate goal is to total over 1700 under 200lbs. At the end of the year, I officially squatted 650.4lbs (PR), bench 374lbs, deadlift 601, but due to technicalities, I missed ALL my third attempts. Yes, it was that kind of day for me, lol. You win some battles and lose some, but regardless, you never stop pushing forward, learning, and getting stronger. I came up on my toes coming out of the hole squatting 671lbs (PR), slight double dip with 384lbs (PR), and slightly soft knees with 628lbs (PR), so my unofficial total is 1683lbs (PR). “SO CLOSE and PEZDETS” was the the theme for all my third attempts, lol. Despite missing my third attempts, I am extremely proud of myself, because the strength and power is there. Powerlifting is a patience game, so I look forward to seeing where I end in 2020. In the meantime, I’m going to rest for the rest of the year! It’s time to switch gears!! We are officially 6 weeks out from the APEMAN ELITE. l It’s about total and ONLY TOTAL!!! This meet is for you, so I hope everyone is have a great training cycle! Save it all for the platform!!

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Chakera Ingram continues to build upon her legendary resume. While Ingram didn’t quite have the meet she wanted, she was still able to crush two all-time world records for the squat and total, and tied the current bench press ATWR in the women’s 181 lb weight class.

  • Squat: 295kg/650 lbs – ATWR (Wraps)
  • Bench Press: 170kg/374.8 lbs 
  • Deadlift 272kg/600 lbs
  • Total: 737kg/1,625 lbs – ATWR
  • Wilks Score: 663.73

3. Julius Maddox Breaks Kirill Sarychev’s ATWR Bench Press

Julius Maddox has finally broken Kirill Sarychev’s long standing 308+ all-time world record bench press. Back in 2015, Sarychev benched 335kg/738.5 lbs, and tackling that record has been a long-time goal for Maddox. After a close call re-racking the weight, Maddox was finally able to relax and bask in his new ATWR glory.

  • Bench Press: 335.5kg/739.6 lbs – ATWR

4. Kristy Hawkins Breaks 3 All-time World Records

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Best and failed lifts from #bossofbosses6 yesterday–Squat 285kg/628lb (WR). Bench 150kg/330lb and a miss at 155kg/341lb (not strong enough). Deadlift 255kg/562lb (WR) and a miss at 260kg/573lb. When I watched the video I realized my right hand opened up on my third (and almost my second attempt) and I should've asked for the bar to be cleaned. #powerliftingexcuses But overall very happy with the lifts that I did make and my total of 690kg/1521lb in the 75kg/165lb weight class (a 40kg increase on the WR and a 657 Wilks). Thanks to everyone at @bossbarbellclub, @danandsparkle (@dangreenpowerlifter, @bossladysparkle) for hosting the meet and creating such a great place to train. It really is family. @herbietheluvbug @terriboo621 @davydoesntdocardio @_kylemckee @alex_milhouse @squat_with_your_arms @dialect1luv @he_man_the_pug #kevinwithnoinstagram #otherpeoplewhoseinstagramsidontknow #ionlyfollowdoggos #pugsandpowerlifting

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Kristy Hawkins rarely has performances where she’s not crushing world records left and right. After this weekend’s performance, she’s now adding three more all-time world records to her resume in the women’s 165 lb weight class

  • Squat: 285kg/628 lbs – ATWR (Wraps)
  • Bench Press: 150kg/330 lbs
  • Deadlift 255kg/562 lbs – ATWR
  • Total: 690kg/1,521 lbs – ATWR
  • Wilks Score: 657.60

5. Michael Estrella Deadlifts 4.5x His Bodyweight


In the 148 lb weight class, the weight was moving for Michael Estrella. He not only deadlifted 4.5x his bodyweight for an all-time world record, but he also shattered the total world record.

  • Squat: 242.5kg/534.6 lbs
  • Bench Press: 192.5kg/424 lbs
  • Deadlift 303kg/668 lbs – ATWR
  • Total: 738kg/1,627 lbs – ATWR
  • Wilks Score:570.36

Wrapping Up

Year after year, the Boss of Bosses meet continues to push the sport of powerlifting’s growth. These were only five of the biggest performances from this year’s meet, and we may have missed some of your favorites. Hats off to all of the athletes that competed over the weekend!

Feature image from @mikeyestrella Instagram page.