Brandon Curry Is Living the Bodybuilding Business

Mr. Olympia is showing what it means to be a professional bodybuilder.

Before Brandon Curry won the 2019 Mr. Olympia, he was already working on expanding his profession beyond the stage. Now that he’s won that prestigious title, the reigning world champion of bodybuilding is going all-out to not only maximizing his own career but his community and the sport as well. Aside from his current sponsorships, he is making moves that can benefit him now and in the future.

“I’ve established and made relationships over the course of my career and gotten to know some good people. Now that I’m Mr. Olympia I’m able to work with them, improve those relationships, and not only prosper my own career but the other people I’ve gotten to know and help everyone grow and improve.”

For athletes at Curry’s level, the focus of bodybuilding goes beyond the gym and meal planning. There is a business aspect and Curry has been working beyond having sponsors and making guest appearances. He’s doing things at home and abroad that will make his bodybuilding business a long-term investment he can benefit from long after he hangs up his posing trunks.

Gym Owner

One way he is working on prospering is by opening his own gym in his home area. “Carbon Culture” is set to open its first location in Franklin, Tennessee and for Curry and his partners, it’s the first of what they plan on making a group of gyms that will be beyond his own community.

“My partner and I was working on another project but when I saw this idea, it really appealed to me. I always wanted to open my own gym and have it in my area. When I saw the vision and how everything was going to be laid out, I knew we had to do it. There aren’t many old-school, hardcore gyms anymore. They’re slowly going away. Our goal is to have that mindset with this place but with an open and welcoming atmosphere.”

Even though this was in the works before Curry’s big win, being the 15th Mr. Olympia certainly is going to help his cause.

“That can help with that initial credibility but once people come, we hope that they’ll stay and see what we’re doing can be special and they’ll want to be a part of it.”

They are also working on a second location and they tentatively hope for a May opening. Even though he’ll own his own gym (or gyms), he’ll still go to Kuwait when it comes time to train for the big contest in September.

“I’ll start my prep over there but will be back here at some point because of Brandy and the baby. I will need to be here for business as well but I’ll still be ready to go at the Olympia.”

European Tour

Curry was already set to take part in a tour in Europe but after he won the Olympia, it got postponed until early 2020. Now that tour is expanding and Curry knows that he can reach many more people now that he’s the number one man in the sport.

“We’re going beyond England, now we’re going to visit Spain and Portugal as well. To be able to go to these places so far away and bring bodybuilding to them up close. It’s a special opportunity to reach the fans and show them my appreciation for their support of me and the sport. We’re going to bring them value that they can benefit from now and in the future.”

One reason the tour got rescheduled is the reason that Curry is in such a unique position. The Olympia organization wanted to be involved in the tour and it now bears the Olympia name. Whereas many bodybuilders have benefitted from the Olympia stage, the Olympia is now going to grow as well thanks to its champion.

“The Olympia wanted to jump in and be a part of it which is incredible. To be the guy that brings that Olympia name beyond me holding the title to all of those fans internationally is pretty special and I’m even more excited about being a part of it now. Hopefully the people I meet and I can connect and there is potential to do more in the future.”

The Main Motivation

Curry’s work and efforts isn’t only benefiting himself but his family as well. He and his wife, Brandy, are expecting their fifth child and the groundwork that he is laying now can help his family later on. He can also be a positive influence and his example on their hometown community.

“That was something I always wanted to do anyway, whether I was going to be Mr. Olympia or not. Having the title makes it that much better and I am certainly able to do more. The opportunities to do all of this and support my family and community have been made available so I had to take advantage of it and am passionate about it too. At the end of the day, I want people that come to my gym or see me at events to know that bodybuilders are people too like everyone else. We’re just doing our own thing that’s a little different.”

Even with everything going on professionally and personally, Curry plans on being at more events this year and will be defending his title in Las Vegas this September.

“The Arnold is coming up and that’s motivating to me to go there and see everyone. I won that show last year. I won’t be competing this time but that event motivates me. Being there can get me in that frame of mind I need to be in when I start prepping for the Olympia.”

Featured Images: Instagram/brandon_curry