Brandon Curry and Larry Wheels Train Together in New Video

The two athletes showcased some serious muscle.

There have been two names in the world of strength that have been rising at a rapid pace. In bodybuilding, Brandon Curry is the current Arnold Classic Champion have been pushing to be a top contender for the Mr. Olympia title and hopes to win that title next month.

Larry Wheels is taking on the world of strongman in spite of still being relatively new to training for that sport. His videos of training with stars of the sport like Hafthor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall have been big hits, and he has even competed in a few top events around the world.

With both of these athletes rising in their sports at such a rapid pace, it can be a big deal with those stars align or in this case, collaborate. That’s just what happened in a YouTube video released on Wheels’ YouTube channel. Wheels went to Oxygen Gym in Kuwait where Curry has been training for the Mr. Olympia. Wheels is currently healing from a biceps injury and Curry is starting to back off the heavy training but they still went through a lengthy back and triceps workout.

As of this writing, the video has already reached over 125,000 views.

At the end of the video, Wheels and Curry take off the shirts and hit some comparison photos. Wheels is muscular and lean in his own right while Curry looks to be satisfied with his progress leading into the big competition which is less than four weeks away.

Wheels paid respect to Curry and bodybuilding in general when discussing the workout at the end of the video. “I don’t know where the idea came from that bodybuilders are weak. I don’t understand it. From my experience, bodybuilders dominate machines and certain exercises. I don’t know who started that ‘bodybuilders are weak’ because if you couldn’t tell, Brandon got me on everything today.”

Curry showed appreciation but acknowledged his experience with the style of training paid off. “I appreciate that but we’re gonna keep it real. I’m conditioned for this and I’ve put myself through this kind of training so I’m kind of used to it by now.”

He also admitted that when it comes to power, Wheels would likely be the favorite. “But you know, raw strength? You got it, baby. All the way, all the way, we all know that.”