A Weightlifter, Powerlifter, Bodybuilder, and CrossFitter Face Off: Who Will Win?

Strength fans rejoice, we have another lifting competition series to watch on YouTube, and this time it’s taking a slightly different spin.

As opposed to making similar athletes go head-to-head in a series of events, Brute Strength have taken it a step further. In this series, Brute Strength has partnered up with Bodybuilding.com and Mark Bell Slingshot to bring a weightlifter, CrossFit athlete, powerlifter, and bodybuilder together in an epic showdown.

Who are the athletes in contention?

  • Weightlifter: Luis Mosquera (2016 Rio Olympics 69kg bronze medalist)
  • CrossFit Games Athlete: Jacob Heppner 
  • Bodybuilder: Lawrence Balleneger
  • Powerlifter: Steve Gentili

Over the next few weeks, there will be a steady release of videos that highlight the events Brute Strength have set up for this diverse lineup of athletes. Earlier today, they released their first video, which features two parts of the competition.

  • Find your max clean in 20-minutes
  • CrossFit Workout Grace

To no surprise, Mosquera won the first competition completing a 160kg (352 lb) clean, then Heppner took second with 155kg (341 lbs). Bellenger took third “upright row” cleaning 136kg (300 lbs), and Gentili stopped at 100kg (225 lbs).

In an interview after the first event Mosquera states that his max clean is 195kg (429 lbs), so it’s really not surprising he dominated the weightlifting focused event with ease.

The next event was CrossFit workout Grace, which is 30 clean & jerks for time. Again, like the max clean, the athlete accustom to that sport dominated. Heppner finished in 1:20, Bellenger got second with 2:26, Mosquera 2:54, and Gentili 3:20.

Brute Strength Competition
Brute Strength Competition

We weren’t really surprised by Heppner dominating first, what caught our eye was watching the differences in the power and work capacity each athlete possessed. We thought Mosquera would come in second, but Bellenger took less breaks throughout the 30-reps.

As the weeks progress, the tasks get even more diverse and away from a strength sport specific focus. Each athletes seems to have one event catered for their sport, then the rest are more athletic based, check out the full event list below.

  • Deadlift
  • Physique Show
  • Lucky 13 Burger Challenge
  • Football Combine
  • Soccer Ball Dribble
  • Football Throw
  • Batting Cage/Baseball Throw
  • Knockout (Basketball)

Honestly, we don’t know who’s going to come out on top after every event is said and done. Who do you think can walk away with the most wins?

Feature image from Brute Strength YouTube channel.