Dan Bailey, Carly Fuhrer Will Not Compete in the 2018 CrossFit Games Season

In two separate Instagram posts, two pretty well known CrossFit® Games athletes have made it official: they’re not heading to regionals.

Carly Fuhrer has been steadily improving at the Open: she first placed 1,579th worldwide in 2014, came 552nd the following year, then 84th in 2016 — the only year she has gone to the Games as an Individual — and in the 2017 Open she placed 57th worldwide and second in the North West region.

But this year, her heart doesn’t seem to be in it. Fuhrer made an announcement on her Instagram on Sunday afternoon that read in part:

Its been a tough decision, but for the last 6 or so months its been quite a wild ride, lots of big life changes, and training has been on the back burner. Thru all that I have made the decision not to compete in 2018. (…)

I decided awhile ago that I wanted to take 2018 off to enjoy life, go back to school, wreck my body on the snowy mountains 🏂, and overall try to enjoy training again, competing isn’t what i need or want at the moment, and im 100% ok with that (…)

 the important thing is I that I am taking a much needed break to enjoy myself. Thankful to be able to spend more time at home and with my daddy too. Thank you all for your continued support on my journey and I look forward to being back for the 2019 season, cuz i will be back. 

Dan Bailey was the next to withdraw. A five-time Reebok CrossFit® Games competitor, Bailey placed 4th the last time he competed at the Games in 2015. He failed to qualify in 2016 and last year he had to withdraw from Central Regional after injuring his pec.

This year, the cause was another injury: his knee.

‪Im disappointed to say that my @crossfitgames season was cut short due to injuring my knee during 18.2a last week. Best of luck to all the other competitors and @crossfit community through the rest of the #Open. I’ll be back at it soon enough!

While it may be disappointing to some fans, the two athletes seem to have thought through their decisions and we wish them a healthy and restful 2018.

Featured image via @jordansamuelphoto @richwellcorrea and @carlyfuhrer on Instagram.