Chakera Holcomb Bench Presses 132kg for Volume, Teaches Valuable Lesson About Failure

If there’s an athlete to keep an eye on in 2019, it’s Chakera (C.C.) Holcomb. Over the course of 2018, Holcomb has had what can only be called a legendary year. She not only broke a handful of all-time world records throughout the course of her competition season, but she also broke the all-time highest Wilks scores in both the wraps and raw divisions (they’ve both since been broken).

At the Kern US Open in May, Holcomb broke the highest all-time Wilks Score (with wraps) with a massive 664.95. At the same meet she also broke three all-time world records in the squat, deadlift, and total in the women’s 181 lb weight class. Then fast forward to June, and she once again shattered the all-time Wilks Score (raw) with 627.25, in addition to breaking three more all-time world records.

All of this brings us to the topic of this article: in one Holcomb’s latest Instagram videos she just failed an eight-rep set of 132kg/292lb bench presses. (She usually competes at about 67kg.) Now, Holcomb has pressed this weight for this volume before, but the message she shared that accompanied the video was what really caught our eyes — there’s a lot more to this set than just the weight being moved.

“292X8X2sets, second set shown. Today was probably one of my hardest bench session this training cycle! What made today hard was knowing I had the ability to reach the desired rep range, but my body said other wise.

As an athlete, you have to prepare for days like I had today. When I was 18, I would’ve thrown a huge bitch fit, but at 23, I realize that failing is not a bad thing.

In fact, it’s through my failures I continue to strive to the best version of myself. Thankful to have @djclassic79 keeping me motivated and reminding me of where I will be by meet day. I repped 292X8X2sets getting ready for the open, earlier this year, but with every new training cycle, I want to be stronger, technically sound, and healthier. If it doesn’t challenge you, it will not change you.”

We all have off days in gym, and seeing one of the best powerlifting athletes overcome their struggles and share it is really cool. Even the toughest days are part of an athlete’s long-term highlight reel.

Feature image from @c.c_holcomb Instagram page.