Powerlifter Chakera Holcomb Deadlifts 282kg (622 lbs), Breaks All-Time Raw Wilks

When describing Chakera (C.C.) Holcomb’s powerlifting career, where do we begin?

Well for starters, we can talk about how only two weeks ago Holcomb competed at the Kern US Open and set three all-time world records and broke the highest Wilks Score (in wraps) with a monstrous 664.9. Honestly, that performance was more than enough to build upon Holcomb’s case as being one of the all-time greats, but she wasn’t finished.

This past weekend, Holcomb competed at the USPA Gulf Coast Open held in Houston, Texas, and this time raw (without wraps). Here, she broke three more all-time world records in the women’s 83kg (181 lb) weight class, and broke the highest all-time raw Wilks Score. Keep in mind, this was only two weeks after she logged possibly one of the most impressive knee wrapped performances in the last few years.

To kick off her epic performance, Holcomb smashed the all-time squat world record with a 245kg (540 lb) attempt. The previous record was held by Jamie Lewis at 230kg (507 lbs). Check out Holcomb’s squat below.


After her squat, Holcomb hit a strong 165kg (363 lb) bench, which was the same number she ended up hitting at the Kern US Open.

Moving on to deadlifts, Holcomb called for 282kg (622 lbs) on the bar. This feat would also earn her an all-time world record, and would top the current record of 274kg (606 lbs), which Holcomb set two week prior at the Kern US Open.

When she pulled 274kg (606 lbs), she told us it was the number she had in mind going into the meet, and now she’s topped it by a fair amount with a fast turn around. This deadlift earned her a 691kg (1,525 lb) total, and another all-time world record. This total topped the previous 647kg (1,427 lb) all-time record by nearly 100 lbs.


Needless to say, Holcomb has proven once again that she’s more than a dominant force. No athlete has ever broke the raw and raw+wrapped all-time Wilks scores in back-to-back performances, let alone doing so in less than a month’s time.

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Feature image from @c.c_holcomb Instagram page.