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Watch Powerlifter Chris Duffin Squat 1,000lb for a Double!

Wait, what? For a double? A thousand pounds?

Chris Duffin has a history of squatting mind numbingly large amounts of weight, regularly taking 1,000 pounds for a squat and even recently hitting a 970-pound double.

Very, very few human beings in history have ever squatted 1,000 pounds and to think that one could squat 453.6kg (1,000lb) successfully and then decide to do it again immediately afterward is hard to wrap your head around. 

But of course, it doesn’t matter if we can wrap our heads around it because it happened anyway. Here is the phenomenal double by Chris “Mad Scientist” Duffin from his Instagram page:

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So… my fist time squatting 1000lbs and I hit it for a double… that’s gotta be a first. In the next 8 weeks I need to get my depth deeper than shown here, and get the reps higher. Definitely have my work cut out for me. This was after 971×2, 928×2 and drop set at 948lbs. – I plan to squat 1000×3 this coming March at the IHRSA show in San Diego. This will be the conclusion of my Grand Goals campaign when combined with my nearly 3 reps at a 1000lbs deadlift a few years ago. It will be done just a few weeks shy of my 43rd birthday and also be my final “feat of strength”. This is a culmination of over 30 years of training and working with some of the best minds in the world on rehab/prehab, recovery and training modalities. I couldn’t even attempt this without the knowledge and support of the Kabuki Strength Team who are directly responsible for managing my training, recovery, and much more. Wish me luck and I hope you’ll follow along as I train to squat 1000lbs for a triple. ➖ FREE AUDIO Download of my life changing book below! www.chrisduff.in ➖ CO-Founder @KabukiStrengthLab VISION: A Better World Through Strength ▪️strength equipment ▪️research-based education ▪️world-class strength coaching ▪️doing good in the world @kabuki_virtualcoaching www.kabuki.company ➖ CO-Founder @BearFootAthletics ▪️ Optimizing the human to ground interface 👣 www.bearfoot.store ➖ CO-Founder @BuildFastFormula ▪️Nutrition and training BEFORE supplementation ▪️ Research-backed formulas & effective dosages ▪️ full-disclosure labels & no-BS claims ▪️ manufactured in NSF-certified facilities. www.buildfastformula.com ➖ #kabukistrength #chrisduffin #kabukistrengthlab #powerlifting #strengthandconditioning #strengthcoach #americanmanufacturing #strong #squat #strengthtraining #weightroom #barbell #bearfoot #barefoot #buildfastformula #vasoblitz #supplements #supplementsthatwork #pump #gymlife #gymmotivation #strongman #bodybuilding #crossfit #powerlifting

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In his post, Duffin writes:

“My first time squatting 1,000lbs and I hit it for a double… that’s gotta be a first.”

He hadn’t even squatted 1,000 pounds before!

Very few people have ever made it to the 1,000lb milestone. Here are some of the best known.

The all-time world record raw squat is the 490kg (1,080lb) squat by Ray Williams from the USA Powerlifting Arnold SBD Pro American on March 2, 2019:

Powerlifter Dave Hoff hauled a gargantuan a 560kg (1,234.5 lb) squat equipped at the World Powerlifting Congress WPO Championships in 2018. Here’s the video of that from Dave Hoff’s Instagram page:

So Duffin is in very very very strong company.

A big difference that separates Duffin is that he is not exactly training to put up a huge total at a future meet. He is preparing to squat a 1,000lb triple for this “Grand Goals” Campaign at the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) convention to be held March 28th through 31st in San Diego, CA. The “Grand Goals” campaign is an effort to raise money for the Homebuilders Foundation of Metro PD.

If and when Duffin hits that 1,000lb triple at the end of March, he would be doing so just shy of his 43rd birthday!

One can only guess how much weight he’ll wish to squat on his 44th.

Feature image from Chris Duffin Instagram page: @mad_scientist_duffin

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