Powerlifter Dave Hoff Squats a Mind Blowing 1,234 lbs

Over the weekend, Westside Barbell powerlifter Dave Hoff competed in the World Powerlifting Congress WPO Championships and put up some monstrous numbers. The WPC WPO Championships were a multi-ply meet, and Hoff has reminded everyone in the sport of powerlifting just how strong he is (not that we needed much reminding!).

Currently, Hoff is ranked as the top 308 lb multi-ply powerlifter in the world and has held that status since his IPA meet in 2017 (as per powerliftingwatch.com). His latest meet has increased that status slightly more, and Hoff remains at the top for the 308 lb multi-ply athletes across the globe.

To conclude his meet, Hoff finished with a 1,344kg/2,921 lb total and a Wilks Score of 745.2. This total topped the next best 308 lb athlete by over 400 lbs, and Hoff’s Wilks Score earned him second best overall behind 132 lb athlete Heidi Howar who hit a 760.91 Wilks Score.

For his squat attempts, Hoff finished with a 560kg/1,234.5 lb squat, which is his best ever in competition to date and tops his 554.7kg/1,223.5 squat that he hit in June of this year. On the bench press, Hoff finished with a successful 427.4kg/942.4 lbs and he hit a 337.4kg/744 lb deadlift. Check out his squat below.


In Hoff’s Instagram video’s description he writes, “I am pleased with this one. -1,234.6lbs (561KG) Behold! The power of the Flame Beanie!”

All we’re wondering is, can we borrow that flame beanie during out next squat day? In June at the APF Equipped Nationals meet, Hoff totaled a huge 1,367.4kg/3,014.8 lbs and that has since been one of his best meets to date, and earned him his self-awarded Instagram handle seen above — Mr.3k14. 

As of right now, Hoff sits at the top of multi-ply men’s Wilks Score ranks with a ridiculous 779.38 that he hit in 2013. Judging from his last squat and his two huge meets in 2018, we’re not sure that number will stand much longer.

Feature image from @mr.3k14 Instagram page.