66kg Clifton Pho Deadlifts an Epic 285kg for New World Record (4.3 Times Bodyweight)

Junior Canadian powerlifter Clifton Pho has left his mark on the IPF’s world record books after his latest performance at the 2017 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships. Pho, 22, competes in the 66kg junior weight class and is no stranger to pulling insane amounts of weight.

Pho’s new deadlift record earned him not only the Junior world record, but the Open as well. His second 283kg deadlift attempt initially earned him the world record, but he soon pushed it further with his successful 285kg attempt.

For perspective, the 285kg (627 lbs) is 4.3 times his bodyweight (145 lbs), which is a feat few powerlifters ever achieve in their careers.


The extra 2kg push on his third 285kg attempt was just enough to earn Pho first overall and seal him with the win. Pho and Eddie Berglund tied with 637.5kg totals, but Pho’s last deadlift pushed his Wilks score to 508, which was slightly higher than Berglund’s 505.

When asked about his thoughts going into his third attempt, Pho told us, “To be honest, part of me thought, just 2kg more huh? And the other part was going, this it is, I pull this and I get to hear that Sweet Canadian national anthem, which is something I missed out on last year.” 

After the lift, he said, “As for my feelings I think, ‘Nothing but teeth and ears’ sums it up pretty good. Now it feels very painful, but I can’t stop smiling (laughs).” If you’re wondering what Pho means by ‘Nothing but teeth and ears’, then watch for his big smile once he’s pulled the weight off the floor, and on the podium.


His final lifts for the day were a 217.5kg squat, 135kg bench, and the 285kg deadlift, which earned him a 637.5kg total.

Back in March, Pho pulled 283kg at the 2017 Canadian Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships for an unofficial IPF world record. So it’s awesome seeing Pho finally claim the IPF world record, while also bringing home first for Canada.

Feature image screenshot from @powerliftingmotivation Instagram page.