Check Out CrossFit Games Athlete Chyna Cho’s Impressive Transformation

Besides actually training and improving every day, what’s the best part of working out or partaking in a strength sport?

Many would argue it’s the act of taking that second to look back on the road they’ve traveled to appreciate their progress. When it comes to strength athlete’s Transformation Tuesday posts, videos, and photos they tend to come in multiple forms. There are those who post the differences in their lifting over a long period of time, aka highlighting increase in their strength and mechanics.

Then, there are the athletes who highlight their physique transformations, which are always nice because they’re a reminder that these elite athletes were once mere mortals like ourselves. The latest Transformation Tuesday post comes from now 6-time CrossFit Games athlete Chyna Cho.

In her post shared on both Twitter and Instagram yesterday, Cho highlights her transformation from 2009 to the present. The post comes along with a message that shares the love for the journey, and how changes don’t happen over night.

Now, if you’re a weathered strength athlete, then you’re probably thinking, “Duh, if you lift consistently over a long period of time, obviously you’ll see results in your lifting and physique.”

We get that, and we agree, but let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that top athletes are sharing the idea and message that changes don’t happen quick, as this is a fundamental lesson to learn for beginners. Without love for the journey and consistent energy devoted to a calculated process, then careers are consistently cut short. And Cho’s not the first CrossFit athlete we’ve written about to post their long-term progress.

This year, Cho finished fourth in the West Regional, which stamped her ticket to her sixth CrossFit Games. Her progress photo above covers a nine year spread, and spending six of them competing at the Games isn’t a bad transformation at all!

Feature image from @chynacho Instagram page.