Report: CrossFit Games Athletes Can Now Compete In Shoes of Their Choice

In a move to "democratize" the CrossFit Games, athletes can now choose their shoes for competition.

More news has been released in regard to changes for the 2019 CrossFit Games. In a brand new video posted and shared by ArmenHammerTV on YouTube, Hammer goes on the record to share that CrossFit Games athletes can now wear whatever shoes they would like to compete in. Hammer says he was informed of this news and latest CrossFit Games change in an exclusive interview he had with CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman.

In Hammer’s video he states that, “Glassman used this concept of democratizing the CrossFit Games as the reason as to why this is happening.” Hammer explains that the original Reebok and CrossFit Games deal was signed back in 2011, but the implementation of athletes only wearing Reebok gear at the Games wasn’t enforced until 2014.

Sponsored Under Armour, Nike, NOBULL, Inov-8, and non-sponsored athletes can now wear the shoes they normally train in.

At first, this might not seem like a big deal, however, it’s slightly bigger news than meets the eye — especially for the athletes competing and the companies that make cross training shoes.

Why Does It Matter?

CrossFit Games athletes that are signed to companies other than Reebok can now wear what they are most comfortable in to compete at the Games. This change could likely have some carryover to each non-Reebok athlete’s performance. For example, now there will be no adjustment period to Reebok models at the Games or before them for the athletes that are used to training in one style of shoe all year round (like a Nike, Inov-8, or NOBULL).

On top of potentially improving performance for athletes, this change also open up the ability for athletes to negotiate better contracts with the companies that sponsor them. This could not only help out athletes financially, but could improve awareness and viewership of the cross trainer an athlete represents, which is a win-win for the sport.

Nike Metcon 4 - Mat Fraser First Looks.
Nike Metcon 4 — Mat Fraser

As we quickly approach the 2019 CrossFit Games, we’re curious to see what else will officially change with the democratization approach. Are you happy about this change? Share your thoughts below!

Feature image courtesy Nike.