Jason Khalipa and Samantha Briggs Dominate Legends Division At Rogue Invitational

The legends category consisted of some of the top athletes in CrossFit's history.

Remember the quote from Babe Ruth in The Sandlot, “Remember kid, there’s heroes and there’s legends. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die”?

At the Rogue Invitational over the weekend at Rogue headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, CrossFit fans everywhere got to witness CrossFit’s biggest legends throw down. The Legends category at the invitational featured some of the top male and female CrossFit athletes in the history of the sport. Names like Jason Khalipa, Dan Bailey, Samantha Briggs, Kristan Clever, and many others were all on site.

Now, what happens when you put a bunch of legends under one roof, or on one field for two jam-packed days of blood, sweat, and tears? Some legendary performances of course.

Jason Khalipa, eight-time CrossFit Games competitor and winner of the 2008 CrossFit Games, took to the turf as an Individual competitor for the first time in five years and not only showed up, but won the men’s division. He finished the weekend with 340 points.

He posted to his Instagram a heart-felt message about taking the leap to compete, and feeling nervous this time around.

“I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t a bit nervous. Over the years I have learned to control this and harness It much better. Some of you may have seen my first “Amanda” workout in 2010 vs this weekend. If not, YouTube It for a laugh.” 

For reference to his Amanda workout in 2010, see below.

Khalipa was crowned the Rogue Invitational’s ultimate legend, however Graham Golmberg finished in second place, followed by Dan Bailey in third place.

  1. Jason Khalipa
  2. Graham Holmberg
  3. Dan Bailey
  4. Tommy Hackenbruck
  5. Matt Chan
  6. Chris Spealler
  7. Mikko Salo
  8. Josh Everett
  9. Rich Froning

On the women’s side, Samantha Briggs stole the show and won with 370 total points. Briggs is a multi-time CrossFit Games competitor who’s biggest accomplishment at the Games came in 2013 when she was crowned champion. Briggs most recently competed at the 2018 Games in the Women’s 35-39 category and finished in second place overall. Briggs has also qualified for the 2019 CrossFit Games.

Over the weekend, Briggs dominated for first place followed by Becca Voigt Miller earning second place, and Annie Sokamoto earning a third place finish.

  1. Samantha Briggs
  2. Becca Voigt Miller
  3. Annie Sakamoto
  4. Christy Phillips Adkins
  5. Kristan Clever
  6. Julie Foucher-Urcuyo
  7. Tanya Wagner

The Rogue Invitational was stacked with the top athletes from near and far, but the Legends division separated itself because it brought together many of the athletes that competed in CrossFit at it’s early stages.

Feature image from @bicepslikebriggs Instagram page.