James Hobart Won’t Be Competing with CrossFit Mayhem This Year

When it comes to Reebok CrossFit Games teams spearheaded by well-known athletes, CrossFit Mayhem Freedom (also known as just CrossFit Mayhem) is among the top of the list. This team gained a lot of recognition when 4-time Games champion Rich Froning (owner of CrossFit Mayhem) made the switch over to team competition.

James Hobart is one of several other veteran CrossFit Games athletes who have made up the CrossFit Mayhem team the past few years. (Clearly the strategy has worked, as they’re back-to-back champs.) In 2017, it appears Hobart won’t be competing with the team.

In a recent Instagram post from Hobart’s page, he states, “Looking back on one of my fondest memories of the CrossFit Games: not because of the accomplishment itself but for the team I could share it with–the gift is made precious by the giver.

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He finishes the post with, “This year I will not be competing with CrossFit Mayhem. They are an immense group whose secret to success is made from care and selflessness, not fitness. My time there was inimitable. And it’s already been a very different year without them, yet I am excited to take a step back this season and watch them from this side. I expect they will be unstoppable once again.

In the post above he states, “I am excited to take a step back this season…

From Hobart’s Instagram page and post it still remains unclear if he’s taking time off from formal competition entirely to focus on his personal life, or if he’s just shifting his athletic focus.

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Hobart was in attendance at Wodapalooza earlier this year in Miami.

Whether Hobart competes as an Individual or member of another Team, we’re confident we’ll continue to see his name within and around the fitness community.

Feature image from @jameshobart Instagram page.