19.1 CrossFit® Open Workout Tips from Top Athletes and Coaches

Multiple coaches and athletes have shared their top tips for crushing CrossFit Open Workout 19.1!

And just like that, athletes across the globe are off to the races to compete in the 2019 CrossFit Open.

CrossFit Open Workout 19.1 is simple in nature and involves a 15-minute AMRAP with wall ball shots and a row. If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that tall athletes everywhere are rejoicing over this workout. If you’re late to the party, or just a want a quick Open Workout 19.1 refresher before scrolling down, then we’ve included the workout below, along with its movement standards!

CrossFit Open Workout 19.1

15-Minute AMRAP

  • 19 Wall ball Shots (Men 20 lb ball with a 10 foot target /Women 14 lb ball with a 9 foot target)
  • 19 Calorie Row (Athletes must stay on rower until they complete the 19 calories)

Score: The max amount of reps completed within the 15-minute time period.

CrossFit Open Workout 19.1 Movement Standards

Wall Ball Shots

For the wall ball shots, the athlete’s hip crease must pass the knee crease before projecting their ball to their respective target. The center of the ball must make contact with the center of the target, or hit above it for the rep to count. If the ball falls to the ground, then the athlete must wait for it to settle before beginning their next rep.


Every time an athlete rows, the rower must be set to zero and the rower has to be reset by someone other than the athlete. The athlete may not get off the rower until the rower reads 19 calories.

Top CrossFit Open Workout 19.1 Tips

Every year, handfuls of coaches and athletes put out their best tips for each Open workout. This week, we wanted to highlight four of our favorite sources providing tips to crush Open Workout 19.1.

1. Cole Sager — Pacing Is Key

Sager starts out his video by pointing out the importance of a warm-up for this workout, he recommends getting a big, sweaty warm-up in before tackling the event. He also recommends coming out hard one strong, but quickly settling in and finding your pace to produce your maximal workload for 15-minutes.

2. Trifecta/Rich Froning — Equipment Placement

Rich Froning teamed up with Trifecta Nutrition to provide tips for tackling Workout 19.1. Froning said equipment placement and transitions are essential for putting up a high score. He also recommended breaking up your wall ball shots accordingly for your best pace.

3. Brute Strength — Clean Your Gear

The guys at Brute Strength made a few great points, and one their best was recommending athletes clean their rower before taking on this workout. They discussed how dirty rowing fans can slow down an athlete’s pace. They also point out the importance of warming up your glutes, back, and legs.

4. WODprep — Keep An Even Pace

Ben Dziwulski at WODprep made a huge point about pacing, and stated that athletes should aim to finish with the same pace they started the workout with. He noted that starting out strong and finishing slower often isn’t the best route to take. 

Feature image from CrossFit YouTube channel.