Reebok Fans: Legacy Lifters Will Now Feature Customization

If you’re on the market for weightlifting shoes, like Reebok, and love the idea of customizing your own pair, then we have good news.

In an interview with the @reeboknanoclub Instagram page, Tal Short Sr. Product Manager at Reebok CrossFit, stated that the Reebok Legacy Lifters will feature a customization option later this month. In their interview Short states, “Good news is, Legacy Lifter will be on YourReebok mid-April.”

Short then proceeds to show a few examples of how you can customize your Legacy Lifters with words on the lower strap and graphics on the back of the shoe above the TPU heel.

In Reebok Nano Club’s Instagram post highlighting the news they write, “The Legacy Lifters will be available on YourReebok for customization starting this week for ReebokOne trainers and the following week for everyone else. There are tons of color and pattern choices to choose from! Here’s a sample of a sleek white, navy and pebble option.”

In the weightlifting shoe world, this is relatively big news that’s flown under the radar thus far. Few companies, if any as of right now, offer the ability to customize your weightlifting shoes. Customization with cross training shoes is fairly common, but not so much lifters.

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In addition to the Legacy Lifter news, Short also mentioned that there will be a Rich Froning shoe releasing in the future. Unfortunately, he was unable to share what the shoe looked like, when it will be released, and any specs regarding the model.

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Personally, I think this is a cool feature Reebok is adding to their current shoe models. Lifting shoes last a fair amount of time and are often considered a sizable investment for most athletes, so the ability to customize a shoe can be a nice perk for your investment.

After all, if the shoes are going to last you a few years and you’re already equipped to invest your money, then why not create a pair that’s perfectly designed for you? Now the question is, what colors and words would you use?

Feature image @reeboknanoclub Instagram page.