Daniel Bell Gets 2,667 Total in His First Multi-Ply Powerlifting Meet

Dan Bell's total keeps climbing.

The American Powerlifting Federation (APF) held their “Showdown at the Storm” meet this past weekend at the Perfect Storm Hardcore Gym in Holly Hill, Florida. This gym was a home meet for Daniel Bell who had been racking up impressive totals at various events, and this meet was no different.


Bell’s previous meets had been performed either with only wraps or sleeves. In March of this year, he had broken Ray Williams’ all-time world record in sleeves with a total of 2,485 pounds (1,125 kg). This event saw him compete in “multi-ply” equipment for the first time. He would conclude the meet with a 2,667 pounds (1,209.75 kg) total which is a remarkable feat considering this is his first time using that kind of equipment in competition. His lifts and total are below.

Squat: 1,102 pounds (500 kg) in powerlifting briefs
Bench: 683 pounds (309.75 kg) in a multi-ply bench shirt
Deadlift: 881 pounds (400 kg) raw

The squat weight was on his second attempt, and it tied the second highest single-ply squat in APF history. He clearly could’ve lifted more but miscalculated how much more. According to Bell, he had actually taken 1,201 pounds (544.6 kg) for his third attempt but missed it.

The bench press mark was also on his second attempt. He missed his third attempt with 750 pounds (340 kg).

His deadlift may come as a surprise because he didn’t go for more weight. The 881 was on his second attempt and he opted to skip his third. He had lifted 903 pounds (409.5 kg) back when he beat Williams’ record and clearly could’ve done more here. Nonetheless, he shared that he was satisfied with his overall performance.

“My home gym @perfectstormhardcoregym had an amazing APF meet this weekend. Of course my first in “multi ply” squatted 1014 and 1102 in just briefs benched 683 in a single ply katana and then pulled 881 raw. I’m extremely happy with 2,667 total. And I’m extremely proud of all my teammates that competed and helped me through this process.”

While Bell’s lifts were impressive by any standard that can be measured, he actually didn’t win the “Best Lifter” title of the meet. The men’s winner was Thomas Krawlec, a competitor from the 181 pound (82.5 kg) division. He totaled 2,260 pounds (1,025 kg) which included a squat of 931.6 pound (422.5 kg), a 628.4 pound (285 kg) bench, and a 700 pound (317.5 kg) deadlift.

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