84kg Powerlifter Daniella Melo Deadlifts a 225kg (495 lb) PR

When we wrote about -84kg powerlifter Daniella Melo’s strong squat set back in mid-January, we didn’t think it would be the last time writing about her in lead up to her next meet. We’re less than three weeks out from the 2018 Arnold Classic and Melo is dialing in her final weeks of prep. She’ll be competing in the Arnold USA Powerlifting Championships taking place over the course of the weekend.

Yesterday, Melo surpassed a major deadlift milestone that she’s been chasing for quite some time. She has officially entered and joined the five-plate deadlift club in a relentless fashion after her latest 225kg (495 lb) pull, which looked crazy easy. Check it out below.

In her Instagram video’s description she writes, “495LBS DEADLIFT PR!!!!! I cry. Deadlifts have been a struggle for me forever and this is such a confidence booster going into the Arnold. I am SO HYPED. 3 weeks out!! #ROADTO500 #ASF2018 @girlswhopowerlift”


The hashtag #roadto500 has been no stranger to Melo’s deadlift videos, and we’re optimistic after this latest pull that she’ll surpass this feat on the platform. For a long-time PR, Melo made this weight look easy.

Currently, Melo holds the IPF -84kg women’s squat world record with 206.5kg (454 lbs). We referenced her strong mid-January squat set above, but wanted to highlight it again for context around her world record. In this set, Melo hit 205kg (451 lbs) for five reps, aka only 1.5kg shy of her current world record.


Outside of the squat world record, the current IPF -84kg total record sits at 537.5kg, which judging from her latest prep videos isn’t unattainable for Melo. It’s going to be interesting come meet day to see what Melo is able to dial on the platform.

We could very well see her take down more than one world record, one of which she already owns.

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Feature image @daniellamelo Instagram page.