Daniella Melo Breaks Her Squat World Record In Training

Daniella Melo is crushing her training, as she continues on her path to USAPL Raw Nationals beginning October 10th. For those unaware, Melo competes in the women’s 84kg weight class and currently holds the IPF’s Women’s Classic Open squat world record. She performed this epic 206.5kg (455 lb) feat back in June 2017, at the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships.

Yesterday, Melo shared a video highlighting a training PR that challenges her current world record. Granted, it was a small PR as she points out, but a PR nonetheless that shines potential of possibly pushing her world record in only a couple weeks.

Check out Melo’s latest 207.5kg (457 lb) training PR below.

In her Instagram description Melo writes, “I’m baaack @hybridperformancemethodgym..for the weekend. 207.5ks/457lbs for a lil baby PR. This unofficially breaks my WR so that’s cool 🙂 #rawnationals2017”

We’d have to agree with Melo’s description and say that she’s definitely back, but we’re unsure if she ever left in the first place. Melo continually puts up big weight in her training, as clearly evident from this 455 lb squat from February of this year that she casually put up at the age of 18.

To further our point on Melo never leaving, four days ago she hit a 204.5kg (450 lb) back squat for an easy two reps. This is only 5 lbs under the world record, and to top it off, she misloaded the bar by ten pounds (it was supposed to be 440 lbs).


In this Instagram post Melo writes, “How you feel is a lie. 450lbsx2 5lbs under my 1RM less than 3 weeks out from Nats I’m hypedddd #rawnationals2017”

This year’s Open Raw National Championships are being held October 10-15th in Orlando, Florida. Every year, this competition brings some of the best athletes in the world to the platform. Remember, at last year’s Nationals Ray Williams became the first athlete to hit a 1,000+ lb raw back squat (no wraps) in competition.

There are less than two weeks until Raw Nationals kick off, and Melo appears to be on a war path to knocking down her current world record. Can she push the 206.5kg world record further? We’re excitedly waiting.

Feature image screenshot from @daniellamelo Instagram page.