275 lb Powerlifter Dennis Cornelius Squats a Huge 903 lbs

Powerlifter Dennis Cornelius continues his warpath on squatting big weight. This past weekend, Cornelius competed in the Freedom Fitness Classic, which was held in Lawton, Oklahoma. In the last few months, we’ve seen Cornelius crush some personal bests, along with what would top current raw world records.

From his meet this past weekend, it may be safe to say we’ve seen one of Cornelius’ most impressive performances. He competed in the 275 lb weight class, and barely fell short of topping the 275 lb all time world record recently set by Larry “Wheels” Williams.

We’ve seen Cornelius hit a 900 lb squat in training, and he finally topped this feat at this meet squatting a massive 903 lbs. This squat tops his current 275 lb all time world record squat of 865 lbs, which he set in October 2016. Keep in mind, this squat is an unofficial world record due to it not being performed in an international meet.

Check out the squat below.

In his video’s description Cornelius writes, “903 squat @ 275 bw for all time drug tested and open unofficial world record.” On top of being 30 lbs over his current 275 lb all time world record, this squat tops Cornelius’ current 120kg IPF Record by over 50 lbs. Granted, Cornelius weighed in 5kg heavier than he did when setting his IPF squat, it’s still an insane accomplishment.

Extending off his monstrous squat, Cornelius went on to hit a competition bench PR of 573 lbs, and ended up finishing with a 760 lb deadlift. The 903 lb squat, 573 lb bench, and 760 lb deadlift earned him a massive 2,236 lb total. Check out his 760 lb second attempt deadlift below.

In his 760 lb deadlift video’s description Cornelius writes, “760 dead 2nd attempt for a 2236 total which ups my current drug tested unofficial world record total all time at 275.”

During his third deadlift attempt at 799 lbs, Cornelius barely missed at the top due to losing his grip. Had he hit this final deadlift, Cornelius would have earned a total that would have pushed him .6 lbs higher than the 2,275 lb record recently set by Larry Williams.

Feature image screenshot from @denniscornelius500 Instagram page.