Larry “Wheels” Williams Totals 2,275 lbs for New All Time World Record

Larry “Wheels” Williams had a great meet this past weekend at the RPS Powerlifting meet Insurrextion, which was held over the course of November 18-19th. This time last year, we were writing about Williams and his commanding performance where he totaled 2,171 lbs in the 242 lb weight class.

At his most recent meet, Williams competed in the 275 lb weight class, and accomplished a few huge strength feats on both a personal and world record level. First, he bested his best personal total by over 100 lbs, tied his best PR deadlift at 855 lbs, and topped Stan Efferding’s long standing total in the 275 lb weight class by 49 lbs.

[Check out Williams’ epic 2,171 lb total in the 242 lb weight class, which he set last November.] 

Williams’ raw 2,275 lb total was composed of a 810 lb squat, 610 lb bench press, and a 855 lb deadlift. Check out the video covering all of his best lifts below.

Williams now owns two all time world record totals, and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. When Williams first pulled his 855 lb deadlift PR on his Instagram page he wrote in the video’s description, “855 deadlift 15lb all time PR. Body weight at 275. I’m never cutting more than 5lbs of bodyweight again. I have to cut 20-25lbs to make 242, and loose 5-10% of my 1 rep max, while hugely increasing my chance of injury. 275 is where it’s at for me.”

This all being considered, and seeing how well he just performed, it’s going to be interesting to see how much further Williams can push the 275 lb total all time world record. When it comes to individual 275 lb all time world record lifts, Williams is still shy of holding any of them, but he’s definitely one of the most rounded lifters.

SBD Digest did a phenomenal job covering all of Williams’ epic lift progressions from this past meet on their Instagram page. Check out the 740 lb, 805 lb (which earned him the world record), and 855 lb deadlifts (tied Williams’ personal PR) below.

Whenever Williams competes, you’re always in for an exciting performance. With this new accomplishment and sights on where he wants to move for the future, it’s only a matter of time until he owns more all time world records.

Feature image screenshot from @larrywheels Instagram page.