25 Days of Gifting: Diamondback Fitness Giveaway

There are five more days until Christmas, which means we have less than a week left of BarBend’s 25 Days of Lifting…Gifting campaign. Today’s giveaway is our biggest yet, and we’re super excited about it. For this giveaway, we’ve teamed up with Diamondback Fitness to give one lucky winner a 1060Ef Adjustable Stride Elliptical, which has a retail value of $1499.00!

This giveaway is perfect for the athlete that loves doing any form of LISS, steady state cardio, and high intensity training. The 1060Ef Adjustable Stride Elliptical offers three levels of intensity, a lightweight compact design, and has a built out console with multiple programmed workouts to support any form of training. Whether you own a home gym, or you’re building one currently, this is a perfect piece of equipment to add depth to your workouts.

This giveaway will remain open for 14 days like the rest of our giveaway, and we’ve opened up multiple ways to enter below! Make sure to check out the full giveaway schedule to enter in previous and future giveaways.

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Diamondback Fitness Giveaway