Check Out Dimitar Savatinov’s 240kg (528 lb) Barbell Push Press

One of world’s strongest pressers is back at it again with an epic barbell push press. The press was performed by none other than Dimitar Savatinov, a Bulgarian strongman.

Savatinov recently shared a video on his Instagram barbell push pressing 240kg (529 lbs). He writes in the description, “There is 529 lbs (240 kg) barbell push press. Training for big log for Summermania on June 10 in England, not having log to train in my town in Bulgaria I had to do barbell.”

The event Savatinov is referencing is the annual Ultimate Strongman Summermania event that’s being held in England on June 10th. This was the event in 2015 that 4-time World’s Strongest Man Zydrunas Savickas set the current world record log press, which still stands at 228kg.

Obviously, a barbell isn’t the same as a log in terms of lifting mechanics, but Savatinov has demonstrated he has some epic pressing abilities. Remember back to June 2016 when he set the current Cyr Dumbbell world record with his 141kg (310 lb) one-arm press.

If there’s a strongman athlete with a solid track record for heavy presses, then it’s Savatinov. As of right now, this is the heaviest barbell push press we’ve seen this year. Others have performed this crazy press, but no one has shared anything this heavy recently.

Chingiz Mogushkov is one of the athletes that comes to mind when thinking about 240kg push presses. He performed this feat back in 2014 with relative ease. What’s possibly the craziest part about Mogushkov’s press is that it isn’t even his max. In interviews, he’s mentioned that he’s done 250kg before.

It’s going to be interesting to see how training with a barbell impacts Savatinov’s competition log presses. Without a log readily available for him, it’s good to see he’s still pushing his strength limits, but we have to wonder…is the barbell training going to set him back when it’s time to hit the log?

Savatinov’s 240kg press is well over the current 228kg log press world record, but can he carry over the barbell weight to a log?

Feature image screenshot from @dimitarsvatinovstrong Instagram page.