Dmitry Klokov Bench Presses a 231kg (508 lb) PR….Underwater

When you think of the name Dmitry Klokov, what comes to mind? At BarBend, there’s two things, a very strong elite weightlifter and someone who loves to push the boundaries of strength, while having fun.

In the latest video shared to Klokov’s Facebook page we find him bench pressing, which at first doesn’t seem crazy interesting until you realize it’s underwater in a pool. The video starts by highlighting a unique pair of gloves for the lift, then following Klokov underwater to watch him bench 231kg (508 lbs).

Check out the next installment of Klokov lifting underwater below.

Obviously, the weight weighs less because of its buoyancy and we’re aware of that, but it’s still fun to watch, as not many people have a rack and 231kg to submerge at any given time for their disposal.

And we say next installment because this isn’t the first time Klokov has been seen lifting weights in a pool. In 2016, he shared a video featuring a 150kg front squat to push press (out of water), then a 170kg fully submerged clean. Check out that video below.

Since his retirement in 2015, Klokov seems to be enjoying his time out of weightlifting and continually puts out fun videos like the two above. When his videos aren’t highlighting massive presses and Olympic lifts, he can be seen filming videos that often leave you scratching your head wondering “how on earth?”, or laughing for that matter.

By the way, speaking of pools and Klokov. Let’s not forget the time in 2013 when he attempted to be a diver. After a few very funny dives off the jumping board, Klokov eventually makes his way up to 7.5m (24.6 feet) to try and emulate a dive you’d see at a formal diving competition. The results? We’ll let you watch and find out.

These Klokov videos may not awe you in terms of his strength, but there’s no doubt they’re fun to watch. He’s no stranger to funny lifting antics, and we hope he keeps them coming. Honestly, we’re surprised no one has made a social page titled, “Klokov Doing Things” yet.

Feature image screenshot Dmitry Klokov Facebook page.