Dylan Hellriegel Squats 1,000 lbs Raw and Deadlifts 900 lbs In Same Meet

Powerlifting history was made over the weekend with Dylan Hellriegel's latest performance.

Over the weekend, the Arnold Classic Australia was taking place in Melbourne, Australia, and some of the world’s best powerlifters came together to compete at the eleventh Pro Raw Powerlifting Championships. The Pro Raw Championships took place over the three day Expo and there were huge strength feats accomplished on the platform across nearly every weight class.

One of the most notable strength feats came on the final day when Dylan Hellriegel took the platform. Competing in the 125kg+ weight class, and deemed “the prodigy” in the Arnold Classic Australia Pro Raw press release, Hellriegel made history for the sport of powerlifting in a big way.

The man became the first powerlifter to squat 1,000 lbs and deadlift 900 lbs in the same raw competition. This is an absolutely massive strength feat and Hellriegel has received a ton of attention from athletes everywhere for his outstanding performance.

For the squat, he finished with a 455kg/1,003 lb lift that looked super smooth. In his Instagram video’s description he writes, “Pretty damn happy with this squat, I wasn’t going to miss it with @schwarzenegger 3ft from the platform.”

On the bench press, Hellriegel finished with a 240kg/529 lb press that gave him an impressive 695kg/1,532 lb total before heading into deadlift.

Now, onto the deadlifts where Hellriegel made history. Hellriegel finished his epic performance with a monstrous 410kg/903 lb pull. This deadlift gave him a 1,105kg/2,436 lb total and is now the ninth highest all-time total ever. On top of being the ninth all-time highest total, this is also the biggest total in history for a junior powerlifter.

To reiterate just how impressive this all is, this deadlift earned Hellriegel the accolade of the first powerlifter of any age to squat over 1,000 lb and deadlift over 900 lb raw in the same competition — and he’s only a junior. It’s safe to say that both Hellriegel and the sport of powerlifting have a lot more growing to do!

Featured image from @dylan_hellraiser Instagram page.