Watch Eddie Hall Struggle To Fit In An Airplane

Eddie Hall had quite an interesting plane ride to Scotland!

It is almost normal to watch the world’s strongest men pull airplanes, but fitting inside of an aircraft? A completely different story. 

Eddie Hall, the 2017 World’s Strongest Man, recently shared a video of himself getting into a plane to head to Scotland. Hall posted on his YouTube channel his journey from the airport to Scotland for Scotland’s Strongest Man expo. Before the trip could even get going though, Hall ran into a bit of a problem.

He couldn’t fit into the airplane seat. Even just looking at the plane before getting inside, Hall said at 2:45 his chances of fitting are “very, very slim.”

At 3:15 in the video Hall tries to actually sit into the seat and ends up plopping down on top of the arm rests. No chance. He then goes to try out a non-armchair seat and doesn’t fit either. He physically bounces up and down to try and squeeze into the seat and shows a facial expression of utter pain. Check out the video below!

The flight attendant ends up allowing Hall to snag two seats and make himself comfortable. Nothing about it looks comfortable though.

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“These are meant for one person, my shoulders literally fell in both seats,” he said at 4:55. During the plane ride Hall attempts to go to the bathroom, but struggles with the complication of having to keep the door open while he does his business. He ends up squishing into the bathroom and actually takes the camera inside with him at 4:55 in the video.

“I’ll be honest that was not a nice experience,” Hall said at 6:44 once he finally gets out of the bathroom. “I got more piss around the toilet than I did in it.”

Eddie Hall is 6’3″and weighs around 370 lbs. The average legroom on planes is around 31 inches. And while we’re certainly not math experts, it’s easy to see how Hall constantly runs into these problems. 

Featured image from @eddiehallwsm Instagram page.