Get Into the Halloween Spirit With These 5 Costume Lifting Videos

Halloween is right around the corner, which means two things. One, it’s the only time of year you get a pass for dressing up and acting ridiculous. If you do this any other time, then there’s a decent chance you’re getting strange looks or tazed by police.

Two, and most importantly, you get to dress up in said costume and lift heavy weights on video, or show off that impressive physique you’ve been working on all year. Running low on ideas? Check out the video below.

This point brings us to the topic of this article, which are videos of folks lifting heavy weight in Halloween costumes. There’s something awesome about watching a Red Power Ranger and Donkey Kong deadlifting. Check out our favorite Halloween and costume lifting videos below.

1. Donkey Kong Deadlifting 675 lbs

Contrary to popular belief, Donkey Kong has some great anthropometrics for deadlifting. USAPL coach and powerlifter Collin Whitney shows off his strength, we mean, Donkey Kong’s fantastic conventional pulling abilities.

2. Horse Deadlifting 765 lbs

This video has all of the essentials of an awesome motivational Halloween lifting post. A strong athlete like Jon Call, a great powerlifting coach like Dave Tate yelling, and a horse mask with a scared look putting in the work.

3. Red Power Ranger Pulls 675 lbs

We’re not sure why 675 lbs is such a common number for Halloween costume lifting videos, but we’re not complaining. Check out this throwback video of Mike Farr, aka Silent Mike, deadlifting in his Red Power Ranger costume.

4. Giraffe Deadlifting

We’re not going to lie, a giraffe probably has the worst joint angles for conventional pulling, but somehow this one makes it work. Check out Dylan Eterovich putting in his deadlift work dressed as a giraffe.

5. Reindeer Snatching Big Weight

What’s more impressive than a giraffe deadlifting? If you were thinking a reindeer snatching, then you’re on the money. Check out Great Britain weightlifter Sonny Webster snatching in his reindeer costume.

Feature image screenshot from @ct_whitney Instagram page.ย