Check Out Ian Wilson’s Latest 220kg/485 lb Jerk Off Blocks

American 105kg weightlifter Ian Wilson is coming back and in a big way. Late last week, we wrote about Wilson’s recent 285kg (628 lb) squat PR, and why it could mean big things for the US at this year’s IWF World Championships.

Wilson has built a strong weightlifting reputation for himself over the last decade. He was once the youngest American to clean & jerk 200kg (440 lbs) and is readying himself for the 105kg battle that’s going to be at Worlds in November. After taking a fair amount of time off to rehab nagging shoulder and knee injuries, Wilson is back and appearing stronger than ever.

Check out his latest 220kg (485 lb) jerk off blocks below.

Why is this lift so relevant? For starters, the current American record for the clean & jerk sits at 220kg. Obviously, this wasn’t the full lift, but Wilson’s proving that he can handle this weight overhead with relative ease. Additionally, Wilson hasn’t posted a true 1-RM clean & jerk video in quite some time, so it’s all up to speculation as to what he’ll be able to hit at Worlds.

As mentioned above, Wilson made the roster for USA Weightlifting’s team at this year’s IWF World Championships. He’ll be accompanying California Strength’s Wes Kitts in the 105kg men’s weight class. Check out Kitts’ 237kg jerk from back in March.

These two athletes both have the capability of possibly placing and breaking the 20 year World Championship medal drought for America’s male athletes, while possibly surpassing American records.

In our last article about Wilson, we asked him a few questions about his training and where he’ll be competing next. If you missed it, check out a couple of his answers below.

BarBend: What about your approach to training as far as volume and intensity? Has that changed?

Pretty similar, but I added a few push presses on off days to strengthen my shoulders.
But same training for the most part: 90%+ lifts multiple days per week.

BarBend: What’s the next meet you’re training for?

Caffeine & Kilos in a few weeks and then Worlds.

For the full interview, be sure to read out last article highlighting Wilson’s 285kg back squat.

Feature image screenshot from @iwilson1894 Instagram page.