Isabella von Weissenberg Squats 207.5kg (457.5 lbs), 7.5kg Over Her WR

At the BarBend office, it’s pretty much come routine writing about Swedish powerlifter Isabella von Weissenberg’s monstrous squats and deadlifts.

In early March, Weissenberg competed at the Arnold Powerlifting Grand Prix at the 2018 Arnold Classic where she broke the -72kg IPF Open squat world record with a monstrous 200kg (440 lb) squat. She had been chasing this number for a long time, and since, has proven that it’s only a mere milestone in what she’s capable of hitting.

In fact, since setting the 200kg (440 lb) world record, we’ve written about Weissenberg’s squat twice (along with her deadlift once). Although, her latest personal best video may take the cake for most impressive lift post-Arnold Classic. Weissenberg’s latest video highlights a squat that’s 7.5kg over her current world record, and she moves the weight with relative ease. Check it out below.

In her video’s description she writes, “WHAT THE ACTUAL FREAK? 207.5KG @8!?
Excuse my french but this major PB had me all kinds of hyped. Little less than 8 weeks left to Worlds and I’m feeling ALL THE FEELS.”

Above in her comment, when she references “8” she’s talking about RPE. In RPE based training, 10 is considered a pretty much maximal/all-out attempt, so an 8 would suggest she has more in the tank (comfortably).

As Weissenberg also mentions, she’ll be competing in the -63kg weight class at the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships, which are taking place in early June in Calgary, Canada.

If you’re already a Weissenberg fan, then you likely know that her deadlift is equally as impressive as her squat. Check out the video from six days where she pulls 217.5kg (478 lbs) for a personal all-time best (also unofficially topping her current European record).

In her latest videos, Weissenberg is consistently moving weight that tops her current World and European records. It’s going to be exciting to watch her progress in the next eight weeks and on the competition stage come June.

Feature image from @ivweissenberg Instagram page. 

Jake Boly

Jake Boly

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