Isabella von Weissenberg Squats Triple Bodyweight for a Lifetime PR

The woman who currently holds the IPF world record in the squat and European records in the deadlift and total just accomplished a new lifetime goal: the elusive triple bodyweight squat.

Here’s the lift of 200.5 kilograms, (442 pounds), which she made at a club in Gothenburg, Sweden weighing 66.8 kilograms (147.3 pounds). That’s 3.0015 times her bodyweight. Take a look below.

[Meanwhile, only 6 people on Earth have ever clean & jerked triple bodyweight. Watch the lifts here.]

She posted this with the comment,

YES. Squat three times my body weight. Weighed 66.8 kg before the session. 200.5 kg on the bar. (…) I actually don’t know how to feel about this set right now. Happy? Satisfied? It feels a bit surreal. It’s been one of those long time goals of mine that have seemed almost too big to even dare dream about, you know?

Yet lately my training has become less and less goal focused, to be honest. To a certain extent at least. I’ve almost detached myself from the ”specialness” of certain numbers (making the weights fly a lot easier let me tell you).

Focus has switched more to how I utilize my state of mind, both in and out of training. I’m trying hard to figure it out. Break the code. How to be in the zone, no matter what. Don’t know if that makes sense, but it is how it is.

If you’re saying, ”Wait, hasn’t she squatted way more than this before?” then you’d be right, she actually annihilated her 200kg world record — in training — when she made a lift of 207.5 kilograms (474.5 pounds) at what she measured as an 8 on her rate of perceived effort.

That was about a month ago, but von Weissenberg has been cutting serious weight lately. She normally competes in the -72kg weight class — that’s where she has her records — but she’s journeying to the -63kg weight class to try her luck there.

That’s why this triple bodyweight squat is a serious accomplishment, as is the fact that she’s made two deadlift PRs in the last week. First she pulled 495 pounds, then there was this PR of 227.5 kilograms (501.5 pounds), and remember these are the heaviest lifts she’s made at any weight.

So her latest PRs are a 200.5kg squat and a 221kg deadlift, which are both well over the current IPF world records in the -63kg class. Of course, she’s still got some weight to cut, but we’re pretty impressed with her progress.

Featured image via @ivweissenberg on Instagram.