Jaisyn Mike Smokes a 281kg (619.5 lb) Bench Press for New World Record

As Jaisyn Mike’s Instagram handle states, “Mr. Athletic Over Everything.”

After Mike’s epic performance two days ago in the 120kg+ M1 weight class, we feel his Instagram handle certainly rings true. For the last few months, Mike has been aiming for the IPF Open 120kg+ classic bench press world, and he finally claimed it. In fact, we wrote about one of his epic 600+ lb lead up bench presses back in mid-January.

At Worlds, Mike had an incredibly strong performance all around, but his bench press is what gathered the most traction across social media. The previous 120kg+ Open world record was held by Algerian powerlifter Boughalem Ilyas at 280kg (617 lbs). 

To start his bench press attempts, Mike called for a strong 240kg (529 lbs) and moved it like a warm-up. For his second press, he completed 260kg (573 lbs), which topped Mike’s previous M1 world record by 5kg. Then the final attempt, the 281kg (619.5 lbs) that  tops his current M1 record, along with the Open world record. 

Check out the insane bench press below, which brought Mike to his knees with sheer joy upon its completion. Talk about well deserved.

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[Check out the live stream and full IPF Classic Worlds schedule here!]

In addition to Mike’s strong bench press performance, he also broke the M1 squat and total world record.

To open up his squats, Mike hit 295kg (650 lbs), and then moved to 317.5kg (700 lbs) for his second. His third attempt at 330kg (727.5 lbs) was enough to earn him the M1 world record by 2.5kg, and we’ve embedded that squat below.

On deadlifts, Mike went 2/3 on the day, and opened with a 300kg (660 lbs), then hit a successful 312.5kg (689 lb) second attempt, but unfortunately missed his third pull. All of this earned him an 8/9 performance, and a 923.5kg (2,036 lb) performance, which topped powerlifting legend Brad Gillingham’s previous M1 world record total by 3.5kg.


This bench press world record has been Mike’s goal for quite some time now, and with this new accomplishment, we’re excited to see what the future brings for him.

Feature image from @mr.athletic_over_everything Instagram page. 

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