Check Out Jaisyn Mike’s Latest 612 lb Raw Bench Press

Powerlifter Jaisyn Mike recorded a strong performance at his latest meet over the weekend. He topped his personal total meet PR by 5 lbs, hit a new squat PR, and benched a massive 612 lbs. If you’re already a fan of Mike, then you’re probably well aware of his crazy strong bench strength.

In his Instagram post, Mike points out that this 612 lb bench is a new all-time world record for a drug tested full meet. And to add to this bench’s impressiveness, it ties the current IPF Open World Record, along with topping Mike’s current IPF Masters 1 World Record.

Check out his crazy strong bench below, which has a good amount of speed behind it.

Outside of his bench, Mike also put up strong numbers under the bar, going 8 for 8. In one of Mike’s Instagram posts in lead up to the meet, he points out that he switched to lifting in the full meet last minute. To finish off the day Mike hit a 2,060 lb meet total, as mentioned before tops his previous meet best by 5 lbs, not a bad way to finish after a last minute game time call.

If you’re interested in seeing Mike’s full meet lifts, then check out the video below. In his Instagram video’s description he writes, “1/14/18, Full Meet Summary: Squat: 711 lbs, Bench: 612 lbs (ATWR) DT 2x’s BW, Deadlift: 738 lbs, Total: 2060 lbs.”

To conclude 2017, the Instagram page @kingofthelifts awarded multiple athletes with “Best Lifter” accolades in multiple denominations. After polling multiple athletes and coaches, Mike and LC McClain were voted as “KOTL 2017 Bench Lifter (Bench)” by @kingofthelifts Instagram page.

Where will we see Mike next? On January 2nd, Mike announced that he’d been invited to compete in the USA Powerlifting – Pro Raw Bench at the Arnold in March. Last year, he finished with a 547 lb bench press, so we’re excited to see what he’s able to do this year.

Featured image screenshot from @mr.athletic_over_everything Instagram page.