CrossFit Games Rookie Jay Crouch On Training and Preparing for a Virtual Comp

First time Games athlete Jay Crouch looks to make an impact.

Australian CrossFit athlete Jay Crouch is currently preparing to make his first individual CrossFit Games appearance in 2020. Although things certainly won’t look the same as in year’s past, Crouch says he is sticking to the game plan when it comes to his training.

Training nowadays is as it has always been. I work from 7am-3pm as an electrician and then I go straight to training at 4pm.

The 21 year old Crouch officially qualified for his first CrossFit Games appearance as an individual athlete on March 8th at the Australian CrossFit Championship by edging out 2019’s 5th Fittest Man James Newbury. This event also saw Mia Hesketh and team Starr Strength Black receive invites.  

As a member of Reebok CrossFit Frankston, Crouch has been to the Games in Madison twice (2018 and 2017), where the team finished 10th and 33rd, respectively. Now that he’s solo, Crouch said that he doesn’t foresee any major changes to his training regiment besides dropping the team workouts. 

However, Crouch said he has had to switch up his location.

“At the moment my gym has been closed due to restrictions,” he said. “I haven’t been in the gym for well over 2 months now. I’m very lucky to have a good gym at home.”

With the Games moving to an online format this year, some experts predict that veteran athletes accustomed to competing virtually hold a distinct advantage. However, allowing rookies like Crouch to compete on their home turf may eliminate some of the travel fatigue and potentially even the playing field.

“The only disadvantage I see is we are not going to have the crowd or competitors to give you a push for each workout” said Crouch. “It’s going to feel a lot like the Open I think.”

While the specific events for the 2020 Games have yet to be posted, Crouch is currently working on getting his general strength numbers up. Regardless of the uncertainty, he looks to compete confidently and free from doubt.

My expectation is that I have no expectations. I’m going to enjoy each workout as it comes and my result is what it is.

The CrossFit Games will begin on September 18th and run for two days online before the top 5 men and top 5 women advance to Aromas, California to compete in person.  

Feature image via Jay Crouch’s Instagram page: @jaycrouch