57kg Powerlifter Jennifer Millican Deadlifts (193kg) 425lbs

Jennifer Millican is adding another accolade to her impressive powerlifting resume. She recently competed at the 10th Annual USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals, and claimed first in the 57kg women’s weight class, while taking home an American Women’s Raw Deadlift Record, total record, and tying the bench record.

New York based registered dietitian, USAPL Powerlifter, and strength coach Manny Prietro filmed a few of Millican’s lifts during her Prime Time performance. Check out her 193kg (425 lb) deadlift below, which is the new American Women’s Raw Deadlift Record.


The previous deadlift record was set at the 2016 Raw Nationals by Melissa Barber at 190kg. And moments before Millican hit her third attempt, Barber had actually broken her previous 190kg record, but only held it for a few moments before Millican pulled 193kg.

Millican finished the day with a 463kg (1,020 lb), which also earned her an American Women’s Raw Total Record. She held the previous American and the IPF total record at 462kg, so the newly set 463kg is an unofficial women’s raw IPF world record as well.

In addition to Millican’s two broken American records, she also tied the American bench record of 100kg (220 lbs). Check out Millican’s third attempt on bench below.


In Millican’s Instagram photo below she recapped the day writing, “Took the platform last night and was able to take gold for the 57’s. I managed a small pr on my total and finally got myself a little platform pr on deads.”

“Shout out to my homie, @1atperformance for programming and nutrition as always, @bigwade800 for coming out with me and watching all my lifts erryday, my husband @mikemillican for the lovin’.”


Earlier this year, Millican was featured as one of Rogue Fitness’s athletes in their “Road to the Arnold” series. It covers her fast growth in the sport, as she’s only been formally competing now for a little under two years.

Yet, two years later, and Millican finds herself with three American Women’s Raw records, and two IPF raw record. Not a bad powerlifting resume for only two years of competing.

Feature image screenshot from @bigredmanny Instagram page.