John Cena Celebrates 41st Birthday With a 160kg (352 lbs) Power Clean

Oh yes, it’s that time of year again.

It’s the time of year when WWE professional wrestler John Cena reminds everyone that age is just a number, and he’s still strong as an ox. Yesterday, Cena turned a youthful 41 years old and celebrated in the best way an athlete who loves the gym could.

To many, Cena appears strong, but how does this appearance of strength transfer to the big three and things like the Olympic lifts? Well, if you haven’t seen his prior lifting videos, then sit back and relax because you’re about to be pleasantly assured that Cena is a seriously dynamic athlete. On his Twitter account yesterday, Cena shared two videos of his lifting for his birthday celebration. The first features a 162kg (352 lb) power clean.

Was his form the absolute cleanest? Not necessarily, but damn, that’s a good amount of weight to be moved for an athlete that doesn’t focus their whole training regimen around weightlifting movements.

[Check out some of Cena’s older Olympic lifting clips where he snatches a strong 137kg (304 lbs) and cleans an easy 150kg (330 lbs)!]

In addition to his power clean, Cena also shared a deadlift video that highlights an easy 226kg (500 lb) clean grip deadlift triple. The weight is impressive, but what we think is most impressive is that Cena hook gripped it, too. Spread the joyous knowledge of hook gripping deadlifts to the masses!

In the intro, I mentioned that it’s that time of year again because this isn’t Cena’s first time celebrating his birthday with awesome strength feats. Last year, he deadlifted 272kg (602 lbs) for his 40th birthday, which was epic. If you want to watch that deadlift, check out the link above.

Inb4 “the bar is floating” jokes.

Feature image from @John_Cena Twitter page.